FFXIV wiki iconFFXI wiki icon Store TP is an ability that accelerates TP gain.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XI Edit

Store TP is an ability learned by Samurai (level 10) and Blue Mages (level 69).

The exact mechanics are a well-guarded secret of the developers, but this ability in action functions approximately as follows. If a Ninja were to hit an enemy with a Great Katana, he would accumulate about 11% TP per hit. If a Samurai hits with a Great Katana, depending on his level, he will gain 12-13%TP. This works for all weapons, but it seems that the Great Katana is the weapon most effected by the Store TP ability.

Equipment Enhancement Edit

There are wearable items with a Store TP effect. Most are for Samurai, but not all.

For example, the Shinimusha Hara-ate has Store TP+9. Store TP+9 does not actually translate into +9% TP per hit. In fact it seems that the number that is added to the Store TP ability is in tenths of a percent so "Store TP+9" actually would add about .9% TP per hit. This might not seem like much, but it does help accumulate TP quickly. TP is not only gained by hitting a creature, but also every time a player is hit by a creature, a spell, or an area-of-effect ability. Store TP affects the gained TP from all sources.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

Store TP is a Lancer ability that raises TP gain by 5%. Some gear pieces and materia also provide the Store TP ability.

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