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Stopga (ストプガ, Sutopuga?) is a recurring spell in the series.


Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings[]

Stopga is used by enemy Time Mages and it halts the actions of all targets in range.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Reset all enemy and ally ATB gauges, canceling pending actions.


Stopga is a technique that cancels out all actions, foe and player party alike. It is learned on Stage 9. Lightning and Vanille learn it in the Medic role, Snow learns it in the Ravager role, Sazh and Hope learn it in the Synergist role, and Fang learns it in the Saboteur role.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts[]

Stopga is a magic spell in the Kingdom Hearts series. In Kingdom Hearts, using the spell will make the targets, in the widest area of effect, stop moving for a limited amount of seconds determined by Sora's Max MP plus 2. In Birth By Sleep, the spell inflicts a twelve-second freeze on the enemies targeted while its lower tier Stopra inflicts six. In Chain of Memories, three Stop Cards can be used to activate Stopga.


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