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Stop is a magic spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is the highest-level spell provided by Time Materia Time Materia, and has an offensive effect. The spell inflicts the Stop Stop status on a target, which prevents them from acting for its duration. Stop is opposed to Haste Haste, and using Stop will dispel Haste, but will not replace it.


Stop costs 14 MP to cast. It applies the Stop debuff to a target for ten seconds, during which they are unable to act. This will also lengthen a stagger, providing a greater window in which staggered enemies can be burst down. The debuff is therefore very deadly to enemies who are staggered. Particularly if used by Tifa, who can increase stagger bonus damage, this can be used to burst down high-level enemies quickly once staggered.

One of the key uses of Stop is against bosses, as many of them are not immune to Stop. If used in conjunction with Sleep Sleep, it is possible to near-permanently prevent a boss from acting, allowing them to be effectively defeated quickly with minimal risk to oneself. Stop is therefore a very powerful ability with many strategic uses, if an enemy is not immune to the debuff.

Stop can be boosted effectively by pairing time materia with Magnify Materia Magnify Materia. This allows Stop to be used on all enemies to stop them from acting, although magnify reduces the length of the debuff's duration. As magnify materia is a great pair with time materia for its other two spells, this can be a very efficient use of the spell.

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