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Stops the flow of time around the target, preventing it from acting.


Stop is an Effect spell in Final Fantasy VI. It inflicts the stop effect on one target, which halts their Active Time Battle bar, and prevents them from evading attacks. The spell is taught by magicite.

Stop is also an enemy ability used by Curlax, Demon, Level 10 Magic, Level 80 Magic, Level 90 Magic, Magic, Wizard, and Abaddon.

Stop can also be used as an added ability with the Kagenui weapon (a weapon for Shadow).


Party members can learn the spell through two magicite. It is learned from Golem at a x5 rate and from Fenrir at a x3 rate.


Stop is affected by reflect and Runic.

Stop pauses the timer on most effects that wear off over time, such as the reflect status. If Terra's Trance gauge expires while she is stopped, she remains in Trance until KO'd or until the end of battle.


Stop is a crippling debuff when applied. Unlike casting Sleep, the target will not be woken by physical attacks, and unlike Slow, the target will be unable to attack at all. The only downside to Stop is its relatively low hit rate, MP cost, and the fact that many stronger enemies are immune to the debuff. If an enemy is vulnerable, Stop is an extremely effective spell that is worth using.

Because Stop is unaffected by the caster's stats, it can be taught to and used by any party member. In fact, it may be better for non-spellcaster party members to use Stop while allowing spellcasters to preserve their MP for offensive or healing spells where their MP is more important.

The Eclipse ability used by Cyan can also inflicts stop to all enemies.