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Stoneskin (ストンスキン, Sutonsukin?) is a recurring status enhancement in series. It is a barrier that nullifies a certain amount of damage received.

Galvanize is a status enhancement that is exclusive to Final Fantasy XIV that acts like Stoneskin and is applied via Adloquium and Succor.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Stoneskin effectively gives the player a set amount of extra health. The amount of health in the pool can only be changed by wearing certain rare armor while casting the white magic Stoneskin. Blue Mages can also obtain spells which give Stoneskin, though the amount is significantly less. A Scholar utilizing the correct Strategem can provide Area of Effect Stoneskin for their party.

Final Fantasy XIV Legacy[]

Stoneskin absorbed damage equal to 10% of max HP. Stoneskin II applied to all party members in range.

Graniteskin job trait boosted the amount to 18%.

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Final Fantasy XIV[]

There are multiple versions of the Stoneskin status available. The default version of Stoneskin absorbs damage equal to 10% of max HP, this version is usable by most instanced guest party members and specific enemies. Ultros has a stronger version available when fought in the Savage version of the Sigmascape V3.0 raid, which absorbs a large amount of damage that is often unbreakable unless the raid has sufficient DPS.

Until the release of the Stormblood expansion, players had access to Stoneskin, which absorbed damage totaling up to 10% of the target's maximum HP. This status could only be provided by the spells Stoneskin and Stoneskin II. In addition, before the release of the Heavensward expansion, White Mages had access to an exclusive upgrade to the status known as Graniteskin, which absorbed damage totaling up to 18% of the target's maximum HP. Both statuses have been removed from player access with the current versions. Despite Stoneskin being removed from player access, each healer has access to a unique shield status.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Negate Damage Barrier grants 30% of a buffed character's maximum HP. It can be applied by certain Soul Breaks, Burst Mode abilities, and Legend Materia (e.g. Y'shtola's Asylum).

Noctis's Armiger provides a 100% barrier and Armiger Mode while it is active. Armiger Wakes provide a 100% barrier and Royal Might EX Mode while it is active. Royal Guardian provides 100% barrier and a temporary boost to Combat abilities. Dark Knight Cecil's Endless Darkness grants him 100% barrier and Red Wings EX Mode while it is active; Evil Force grants 100% barrier and a temporary boost to darkness abilities. Lann's Atomic Impact grants him 100% barrier and Surge Mode while it is active. Jack's Deliverance grants him 100% barrier and Crimson Flash EX Mode while it is active. Golbez's Creature of Shadow grants him 100% barrier and Shadow Dragon Mode. General Leo's General's Protection grants him empowered earth infusion and 100% barrier.

Some abilities grant Negate Elemental Damage Barrier:

  • Aria's Seaborne Encounter grants the party 100% barrier vs. fire-elemental attacks.
  • Yuna's Fayth's Refuge grants the party 50% barrier vs. holy-elemental attacks.
  • Alma's Angelic Vessel grants the party 100% barrier vs. dark-elemental attacks.
  • Golem's Ultra Earthen Wall grants the party 30% of magicite combined HP barrier vs. lightning-elemental attacks while Earthen Wall does the same for a single ally.
  • Krysta's Ultra Flash-Freeze grants 30% vs. wind.
  • Necrophobe's Ultra Flare grants 30% vs. holy.
  • Famfrit's Ultra Briny Cannonade grants 30% vs fire.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

HP Barrier abilities temporarily grants a damage-absorbing shield up to a certain amount.

Ramza's Morale Boost and Marie's Sprinkles of Love grant a 2000 HP barrier to all allies.

Livid Shantotto's Mana Wall grants a 500 HP barrier to all allies as well as 20% mitigation of magic damage.

Adam Jensen's Juggernaut Collective Agent grants him a 2000 HP barrier at the start of each battle if he has TF29 Agent equipped, while TITAN gives him a 3500 HP barrier.

Viktor Marchenko's Augmented TITAN grants him a 4000 HP barrier, damage reduction and increases his chance to be targeted.

Ayaka's Angel of Healing grants her a barrier of 2000 at the start of battle. Her cooldown skills Elysium, Resurgence+ and Purify+ all grant the party a 3000 HP barrier in addition to their other effects.

Eiko's Emerald Light and Prayer of the Lost grant a 2000 HP barrier to all allies.

Seaside Nichol's Single Consumption grants him a 2000 HP barrier in addition transferring stat breaks to himself. Summer Fiesta grants the party a 2000 HP barrier in addition to Esuna and increasing the limit gauge. His Keep Calm and Stay Cool limit burst grants the party 2000/2500/3000 HP barrier depending on its level.

Lilith's Love Hungry gives her a HP barrier of 1000 and Reraise status.

Beryl's Everyone's Grudge gives him a 3000 HP barrier as well as drawing attacks and enabling him to counter.

Ellespiris' Overflow gives her a 1500 HP barrier and Reraise.

Naglfar's Fluid Barrier grants a 1000 HP barrier to one ally.

Yuraisha's Societal Embrace LB grants a 2000/2500/3000 HP barrier, improves LB gain and increases stats based on its level. Resurgence Stratagem boosts Defense and Spirit, recovers HP and grants a 4000 HP barrier.

When awakened to +2 Basch's Bell of a New Dawn grants him a 3000 HP barrier.

Sylvie's Nobunny Left Behind LB grants a 1500/2500/3500 HP barrier, removes breaks and Stop, as well as restoring MP and granting elemental resistance for three turns.