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Stone V is an Elemental Black Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It is the fifth tier of the single target Stone spells.


Stone V is naturally available to Black Mages. Scholars are also able to use this spell while under the effects of Addendum: Black or Enlightenment. Red Mages and Geomancers gain access to this spell once they have earned 100 Job Points.

Scrolls of Stone V can be purchased from the merchant Ezura-Romazura in Windurst Waters [S] for 123,750 gil. They may also be found in Gold Sturdy Pyxides in Vision of Abyssea areas.


Stone V is an upgraded version of the Stone IV spell, dealing Earth-based elemental damage to a single target. It is the preferred method to inflict earth magic damage to single targets for Black Mages and Scholars during the 80 and 90 leveling period. During end-game activities, Stone V is the strongest earth-elemental spell for Red Mages, Geomancers, and Scholars. However, Black Mages should use Stone V during recasting cooldowns for their stronger Stone VI spell. Black Mages can increase the damage inflicted by Stone V with the use of their Burst or Burst II spells, which lower the enemy's resistance to earth spells.

Additionally, a Summoner's Earth Spirit and certain setups of a Puppetmaster's Automaton are capable of casting this spell.