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Stone IV is an Elemental Black Magic spell from Final Fantasy XI. It is the fourth tier of the single target Stone spells.

The Titan Avatar also has a version usable as a Blood Pact Rage ability for Summoners.

Despite sharing the name in the English localization of Final Fantasy XIV, the abilities known as Stone IV in the title are in fact the recurring Stoneja spell in Japanese.


Stone IV's scroll can be purchased in Lower Jeuno for 108,000 gil.

Scrolls of Stone IV can also be found as loot on certain high-level Black Mage-type beastmen, generally Antica. The scrolls may also be obtained from certain battlefields requiring Imperial Standing to enter.


Stone IV is a tier IV Black Magic spell, dealing Earth-based elemental damage to a single target.

It serves as a preferred method of inflicting earth damage to single targets during the level 80 leveling period for most of the pure casting jobs that have access to the spell. It generally is used as the main damage output on enemies and then followed by weaving Stone III into the damage rotation during recast periods. Its damage output can be increased when used in conjunction with the Black Mage's Burst spell or the Red Mage's Enthunder II spell, which lower the enemy's resistance to earth-elemental damage.

Stone IV is available to Black Mages, Geomancers, and Red Mages. Scholars are also able to use this spell while under the effects of Addendum: Black or Enlightenment.

The Blood Pact version of the ability can used by Titan at level 60. It deals moderate earth-element magic damage, with its damage output also being based on the user's TP when casting the spell. It costs 118 MP to cast.

Other Appearances[]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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