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Soft used on Stroper in Final Fantasy IX.

Stone (ストーン, Sutōn?) is a recurring type of enemy in the Final Fantasy series. Stone type enemies are usually defeated by the use of a Gold Needle. Statues, golems, and headstones are common example of stone enemies. The Gargoyle is often a stone enemy.


Final Fantasy V[]

A number of enemies have counter scripts that will defeat them when a Gold Needle is used on them. When the item is used, they use Vanish on themselves (which includes a Grim Reaper in its animation) and disappears. The Gargoyle appears to be a stone enemy but it is not.

Final Fantasy VII[]

The Gargoyle enemy behaves like a stone enemy and starts the battle immune to all damage. After time has passed or it is attacked, it changes into a new non-stone enemy that can attack. If it is instead given a Soft when still in its stone form it will be instantly defeated.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Became too soft to live.

Battle text

Enemies with the stone type are instantly defeated by a Soft item. The Stona spell does not work for this.

Final Fantasy XII[]

Enemies with the Construct Genus include golems and living statues. They are almost exclusively found in fortresses and ancient ruins. The Construct Genus is further divided into the Classes Facer, Golem, and Guardian.