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Stiltzkin is a recurring moogle in the Final Fantasy series. A traveling moogle, he can be identified by his golden fur. Stiltzkin speaks unbroken English, and rarely, if ever, says "kupo".


Final Fantasy IX[]

Field model from Final Fantasy IX.

Stiltzkin makes his initial appearance in Final Fantasy IX, wearing a leopard skin hood and carrying a bag full of supplies.

During Vivi's exploration of Alexandria at the start of the story, he meets Stiltzkin while being introduced to the save feature. The player later meets Stiltzkin numerous times who always has things to say and sell.

Stiltzkin commenting on Artemicion's fur.

Stiltzkin sends letters to the other moogles throughout Gaia the player can read via Mognet. These letters usually bring the player up to speed with the goings on of minor characters.

Stiltzkin offers to sell the group three items for a set price. He claims the gil enables him to continue his journey, but regardless of whether one buys the items or not he continues to travel and sell the items at each location. Therefore it is not mandatory to buy the items if one wants to keep meeting Stiltzkin.

Stiltzkin will give the party a Ribbon if the party purchases all of his items in the North American and European versions, but does not do this in the original Japanese version. In the latest releases, buying all of Stiltzkin's items yields the Driving the Hard Bargain achievement/trophy. The Ribbon Stiltzkin gives in the North American and European versions does not award the player any Treasure Points, which means the Japanese, North American and European versions have the same total number of collectible Treasure Points.

If the player's inventory is full of any one item on Stiltzkin's item pack, he will not sell the items to the party. For example, if the player already has 99 Ethers, Stiltzkin will not sell his item pack that contains Ethers unless the player discards an Ether from the inventory.

Location Items sold Gil
Burmecia Soft, Hi-Potion, Ether 333
Cleyra Ether, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Pinion 444
Fossil Roo Phoenix Pinion, Remedy, Ether 555
Conde Petie Mountain Path Magic Tag, Tent, Ether 666
Alexandria (Disc 3) Phoenix Pinion, Hi-Potion, Elixir 777
Oeilvert Hi-Potion, Emerald, Elixir 888
Bran Bal Diamond, Ether, Elixir 2,222
Alexandria (Disc 4) Moonstone, Ruby, Elixir 5,555

When the party gets Mognet running again, Stiltzkin visits the Mognet Central, but does not sell anything while there.

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

Stiltzkin is referenced in the Brain Blast quiz game, playable at Academia 4XX AF. The question goes: What company became famous for their sales copy "It's moggle o'clock, it's time to enjoy moogle bread?", and the answer is "Stiltzkin's Bakery".

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series[]

Stiltzkin in the original Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Stiltzkin appears in every installment of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, appearing in Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates, My Life as a King, Echoes of Time, My Life as a Darklord, and The Crystal Bearers.

He is a traveling moogle trying to learn more about the world. He is not a vendor, but instead acts as a tutor for the basics of fighting at the start of every game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)[]

Stiltzkin is a NPC who sends mail to the player about his adventures through the Mognet. A set of special Friend Cards named after Stiltzkin are obtainable as one of the rewards from Mognet. The characters he uses on his Friend Cards are Warrior of Light, Onion Knight, Cecil, Bartz, Garland, Golbez, Cloud of Darkness, and Exdeath. The messages on them also mention his infamous job as a traveler.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]

Merchant Hero X.

Mog assumes three alter egos, one of them being Merchant Hero X whose mask has the same patterns as Stiltzkin's cap and wears a backpack like him.

Tetra Master[]

Stiltzkin appears as an opponent in PlayOnline's Tetra Master.

AVG Rank: 1.92
Wager: 345

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances[]

Kingdom Hearts[]

In Kingdom Hearts II, Stiltzkin makes a small appearance as the shop moogle in The World That Never Was.