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The Stillglade Fane is a Gridanian organization in Final Fantasy XIV. This is the home of the Conjurers' Guild, where initiates are trained in communing with the elementals.


The Fifth Astral Era saw a blossoming of magic, and grand civilizations arose with command over a thousand and one varieties of the arcane arts. However, after the War of the Magi triggered the Sixth Umbral Calamity, the practice of magic was strictly forbidden. Though much knowledge was lost, some modest magicks, low in risk and easy to wield, have survived to the present day.

The Gelmorrans were the heirs to such spells, and explored the arcane arts as best they could. The mages who first communed with the elementals learned much from the beings, particularly how to harness the forces of nature. From this grew a form of magic in Gridania known as conjury. Practitioners established the Conjurers' Guild, and there instruct Hearers in their spells. From its founding, the guild has worked to prevent the dangerous abuse of magic, and today opens its doors even to adventurers seeking to learn of conjury.[1]

The Hearers and Seedseers[]

Nophica's Altar, the entrance to Stillglade Fane.

Amongst Gridania's conjurers, those elite few who can sense the voices of the elementals are known as Hearers. Their purpose is to convey the will of the elementals to the people of Gridania. They are commonly found throughout the Twelveswood, and are distinguishable by their purple robes and hats.

Seedseers are the Hearers' leaders, they are reportedly the mightiest men and women of their age, and called to duty by the great one—eldest of the Twelveswood's ruling spirits. As one might expect, almost all Seedseers are Padjal—attuned as they are to the will of the elementals. While it is rare for more than one Seedseer to exist in any given period, history holds numerous exceptions to this rule. In the present day, for instance, Gridania has three Seedseers: Kan-E, Raya-O, and A-Ruhn, all siblings of the Senna line.

The Seedseer Council is a forum for Hearers to share what they have learned from the elementals, and decide matters of state. In effect, the Council is the highest power in the land, and the arbiter of Gridanian law. One must wonder, therefore, why they conduct their business at the Lotus Stand, an outside area with no roof. Scholars contend that this is for the benefit of the elementals, so they may watch the proceedings. While decisions are put to a vote, policies sometimes reflect the will of the elementals more strongly than the opinions of the Hearers. Following the Calamity, however, this system has changed. Faced with the challenges of the Garlean Empire and rebuilding, Gridania could scarcely afford time spent in a debate. Thus, the Council has vested full power in Kan-E-Senna until such a time as the danger has passed.[2]


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