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Still No Vacation is a lv. 30 boss that can be encountered as a Nemesis in Norende Village and is a powered-up version of Khint accompanied by a more powerful version of Profiteur. Effectively, it is a modified version of Tax on the Cupid.

Stats Edit

Compared to the case of Tax on the Cupid, in this battle both opponents have slightly higher Aim (67 versus 66), and Profiteur gains an increase in maximum HP (60,000 versus 54,000 in normal difficulty); otherwise, both opponents suffer decreases in all their other stats.

Chairman Profiteur


Battle Edit

Strategy Edit

Chairman Profiteur (no longer renamed Tax on the Cupid) starts battle using Takeover for 300 damage and Pay to Play to raise his partner's Critical Rate; occasionally after taking damage, he will utilize Large BP Drink to increase his partner's BP. On Khint's side (now renamed Still no Vacation), he enchants his sword with either Poison, Sleep, or Death, then Attacks; after he loses over 20% of his health, he changes to four successive Attacks without apparently casting any Sword Magic.[1]

Equipping Safety Rings on the entire party or utilizing Dispel are a must. Similar to the encounter with Profiteur and Khint in Ancheim, Still will depart if either his or Profiteur's current HP reaches below 50%. When Still departs, Profiteur will either use a Large BP Drink on himself, or use two Takeovers (for 2000 damage each) throughout the rest of the battle.

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References Edit

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