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Stellazzio coins in Queen Stella's house.

Stellazzio (ステラツィオ, Suteratsio?) are 13 rare coins by the artist of the same name in Final Fantasy IX. Found at specific points in the world of Gaia, each Stellazzio is named after one of the 12 signs of the zodiac. The thirteenth Stellazzio is an ancient sign called Ophiuchus.

When delivered to Queen Stella, a Stellazzio coin collector in Treno, she will present a reward per coin to the party. When 12 coins are collected, she will hand them over to the player to find the 13th coin by piecing together the hints inscribed on each of the 12 coins.

Earning 10 rewards from Stella yields the Earning the Queen's Favor achievement/trophy. Obtaining the Hammer for completing the quest earns What's Your Sign?.


Name Location
Aries Dali Windmill
Taurus Treno Item Shop
Gemini Treno Fountain
Cancer Burmecia Spilled Cart
Leo Alexandria Castle Harbor
Virgo Black Mage Village Bunk Beds
Libra Madain Sari Fountain
Scorpio Quan's Dwelling Spring
Sagittarius Lindblum Pickle Cart
Capricorn Daguerreo Entrance
Aquarius Ipsen's Castle Pillar
Pisces Invincible (airship) Core
Ophiuchus Same as Scorpio

List of Stellazzio coinsEdit


FF9 Stellazio aries


The Story of 12 Zodiacs" The 11 Zodiacs pondered. How best to catch Virgo's heart? Aries headed east.


The Aries is found in the Dali windmill. Run along the north end of the bottom level to find it.


Taurus had an idea. He would give Virgo a gift. Through the forest and over the mountain, he found a star.



The Taurus is found behind the item shop in the slums of Treno.


FF9 Stellazio Gemini


Gemini thought by the river, 'I will sing her a song.' He didn't know where she was, but he hoped his song would reach her.


The Gemini is found by throwing 10 gil into the fountain at the entrance of Treno 13 consecutive times.


FF9 Stellazio Cancer


Cancer headed to the cape where Virgo waited. The sun was setting into the ocean. Would he finally see her?


The Cancer is found behind the overturned cart in the first passageway of Burmecia. Check the area around the box on the left side for the coin.


Stellazio Leo


Leo was waiting for the sun to set into the ocean. Then Cancer showed up, and they began to fight. Into the ocean they fell...


The Leo is found by the right wall, near the Neptune Statue, at the harbor. Get there by going through the side door of the west tower of Alexandria Castle.


Stellazio virgo


Watching the sunset from the cape, Virgo whispered, 'My only wish is to be with you now...


The Virgo is found in the inn of the Black Mage Village. Check at the top of the ladder on the bunk beds.




Libra was a perverse fellow. He would always walk in the opposite direction of the sun. Would he ever see Virgo?


The Libra is found next to the fountain in Madain Sari; toward the rear.




Scorpio was very timid. He always looked at his shadow until one day he decided to look away. He walked up a hill.


The Scorpio is found in Quan's Dwelling just below the HP/MP restoring spring.


Sagittarius stellazio


Sagittarius dashed through the night, defying the chilly northern wind that was stinging his right cheek.


The Sagittarius is found to the left of the Gysahl Pickle cart in Lindblum's Business District, during its reconstruction. Search the corner of the dirt path on the west side of the screen outside Card Freak Gon's house.


Capricorn Stellazio


Impatient Capricorn ran up a hill toward the sun and fell asleep from exhaustion.


The Capricorn is found in the waters to the right of the entrance to Daguerreo.


Aquarius stellazio


Aquarius arrived late. He asked everyone, 'Who kissed Virgo?'


The Aquarius is found in the right hand chest in Ipsen's Castle behind a pillar.


Pisces stellazio


Pisces said to Aquarius, 'Virgo made her choice. Go see him and he'll tell you the rest.'


The Pisces is found in a chest at the core of the Invincible, to the left of the room Freya and Amarant are in.




Their future was uncertain, but Scorpio and Virgo kissed in the light of dusk. That moment meant everything.


After all the other twelve are discovered and given to Queen Stella in Treno, she begins to suspect that there may be a final, secret one.

The Ophiuchus is found in the same spot as the Scorpio. It can be worked out from the clues on the back of each of the coins in order (when looking at them in the Key Item menu), and deducing the following:

  • "...headed east."
  • "...Through the forest and over the mountain..."
  • " the river..."
  • "...the cape...the sun was setting into the ocean..."
  • "...waiting for the sun to set in the ocean..."
  • "...watching the sunset from the cape..."
  • "...opposite the direction of the sun..."
  • "...always looked at his shadow, until one day, he decided to look away. He walked up a hill..."
  • "...dashed through the night, defying the chilly northern wind that was stinging his right cheek...", and
  • "...ran up a hill toward the sun and fell asleep...".

The clues on the last two Stellazzio coins, Aquarius and Pisces, serve only to wrap up the story.

Assembling the clues, the player can determine that the thirteenth Stellazzio is up a hill above a river, beyond darkness where the sun seems to be setting, somewhere to the northeast. Thus, if the player leaves Treno, and head northeast to Quan's Dwelling, they'll find the Ophiuchus in the spot where they previously found the Scorpio Stellazzio. Incidentally, the back of the thirteenth Stellazzio provides the conclusion to the story inscribed on the backs of the other twelve Stellazzio.


Bringing the coins to Queen Stella awards the player with items.

Stellazzio Reward
1st Stellazzio 1,000 gil
2nd Stellazzio Phoenix Pinion
3rd Stellazzio 2,000 gil
4th Stellazzio Blood Sword
5th Stellazzio 5,000 gil
6th Stellazzio Elixir
7th Stellazzio 10,000 gil
8th Stellazzio Black Belt
9th Stellazzio 20,000 gil
10th Stellazzio Rosetta Ring
11th Stellazzio 30,000 gil
12th Stellazzio Robe of Lords
13th Stellazzio Hammer

The Hammer is an item that will allow the player to witness an extra scene of the ending. Alternatively, it can be synthesized with an Ore to create Tin Armor (Steiner's best armor) in Hades's synthesis shop in Memoria.


Stella is Latin and Italian for "star". This refers to the zodiac star signs.


  • There is in fact a thirteenth zodiac named "Ophiuchus" (sometimes referred to as Serpentarius). The Ophiuchus is not thought of as an astrological sign, which is why most people have not heard of it, but is a zodiac sign, astronomically speaking, considering that its constellation (and, inadvertently, Serpens, the constellation representing the snake Ophiuchus wields) is in the ecliptic, a set of constellations that pass through the sun during intervals of the year. Ophiuchus follows Scorpio in the ecliptic, which may be the reason the Ophiuchus coin is found at the same place as the Scorpio coin.
  • The Stellazzio may refer to the zodiac-centered world of Final Fantasy Tactics, and by extension, the entire Ivalice Alliance that came later. The Espers of Final Fantasy XII each represent a zodiac sign, including the Serpentarius, the former name of Ophiuchus.
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