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Stella is a historical non-playable character in Final Fantasy V. She lived in Lix and was the the wife of Dorgann Klauser and mother of Bartz Klauser. Stella died when Bartz was young and only appears in flashbacks. She had long green hair, and Bartz remembers her fondly, always wanting the three of them to stay together and live out a peaceful family life.


Dorgann confided in Stella about his past as a Dawn Warrior, but asked her to shelter Bartz from knowledge of the crystals, believing they weren't "his burden to bear". Stella was distressed when the two discussed it.[1]

Stella often had difficulty with how often Dorgann would travel the world as she neared the end of her life. One day, when she spoke of her "spams" becoming less frequent, she asked Dorgann to stay behind so the three of them could live as a familiy for a while longer. Dorgann intended to leave on another adventure despite this, but before he could, Stella collapsed and died.[2] Bartz visited her grave in Lix.

When Bartz and his new friends crossed the ship graveyard, Siren used an illusion of Stella to steal Bartz's soul. She was unsuccessful thanks to Galuf Halm Baldesion forcing Bartz to come to his senses.

Behind the scenes[]

Dorgann exclaiming "STELLA!!!" upon her death is a reference Marlon Brando's line from the movie A Streetcar Named Desire.

In the GBA/PSP/iOS remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Stella is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Black Mage Job.


Stella is Latin and Italian for "star".

Klauser is a German family name derived from the medieval given name Klaus, short for Niklaus or Nicholaus, which means "people's victory".