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Stella is a character from Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. She is Shirma's aunt, who raises the young White Mage as her own daughter.


Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon[]


Stella most likely used to live in the town that would later be known as Lostime and grew up with a sister, Elena, a White Mage. Through her sister's eventual marriage to Nero, a Black Mage, Stella would become an aunt to her nieces Shirma and Croma. Stella came to respect Nero particularly well, referring to him as "brave" and "a man of integrity". She most likely visited Shirma's home in the suburbs and would later live at a house farther away from Lostime and set up her own farm there.

Stella became good friends with Dardola, the owner of Dardola's dining, a cafe in Lostime. They would often go fishing together. Dardola would make use of Stella's special biscuits as a unique dish for his cafe.

When the Destroyer attacked the town that would later be known as Lostime, Stella approached Mayor Gale and asked what his plan was. Gale asked for her understanding of the senseless but solitary decision that he had come to: since the Destroyer fed on fear, despair, and suffering, they must sever their emotions. Stella was outraged, claiming that emotions were what made them all human, including fear. Gale did not listen and gathered the Oracles to release the Guardian Beasts from the crystals who sealed the Destroyer away alongside everyone's memories as well as Memoria from the rest of the world. Stella's sister and brother-in-law were killed in the battle. Her niece, Croma, also disappeared and would not be seen for a long time.

The Bell of Oblivion was created during the sealing of the Destroyer. Under its influence, everyone in the town kept losing their memories, including Shirma. As Stella observed everyone preaching about the so-called beauty of "forgetting", she exasperatedly noted that everyone was slowly going crazy. After Shirma had asked who a woman in a picture at her old house was, Stella revealed the woman was Shirma's mother. Afraid that the toll of the clocktower bell would wipe Shirma's memory, Stella told her to come live at her farm so they would never forget again. They lived in the outskirts of town where Stella raised Shirma like her own child and operated the farm with her help. Stella comforted Meja, who was lost after her parents were killed in the battle with the Destroyer. Stella and her special biscuits would always bring a smile onto Meja's face.

One day, Shirma returned from town to Stella's farm with two newcomers: Chocobo and Cid. Stella welcomed them to her home and later introduced herself to Chocobo who thanked her while Shirma acted as interpreter for Stella. Intrigued, Stella asked when Shirma had learned to speak Chocobo, but Shirma had simply understood when she had looked into his eyes. Hearing this, Stella asked if Shirma could ask Chocobo who they were and why they were here. Slightly nervous, Shirma said she could not speak chocobo language, but Stella suggested he could understand if she tried saying "Kweh". When Shirma tried, Chocobo responded and she told Stella that he could understand them just fine. Shirma told Stella that Cid and Chocobo were treasure hunters. Stella suggested that Chocobo might know something about Shirma's sister, but Shirma could not remember what she looked like. Upset and confused, Shirma suspected she must have heard the Bell of Oblivion while in town. Stella sternly told Shirma to stay away from that bell and then noticed Shirma was missing her staff. Worried, Shirma realized she had left it in town, and told Stella that she was going to go find it. Stella asked Chocobo to come after her.

Later that night, Shirma returned to Stella's home with a baby boy, Raffaello, who had hatched from an egg that fell from the sky and had helped Mayor Gale recover his memories. Stella found everything incredible and hard to believe. Raffaello started to say Stella's name, which caught Stella by surprise. Stella enjoyed Raffaello's smiling and Shirma suggested they could use him to recover Cid's memories. They heard a crash from upstairs, and Stella, Shirma, Chocobo and Raffaello rushed upstairs to meet Cid. Raffaello dove into the whirlpool containing Cid's memories and Chocobo followed him. Stella later witnessed their return with Cid's memories recovered. Afterward, Stella called for everyone to go to bed.

The next morning, Shirma and Stella rushed to tell Chocobo that Raffaello was missing. After Shirma, worried for Raffaello, went outside calling his name, Stella voiced her bewilderment about how Raffaello could have disappeared when he could not even crawl. Chocobo, Shirma, and a grown-up Raffaello later returned to Stella's farm. Cid asked Raffaello how he had grown up so fast and who he was. Stella dismissed Cid's questions saying that Raffaello could only be Raffaello. Per his request, Shirma gave Raffaello the biscuits that Stella had cooked for him, and he ate them hungrily, which satisfied and amused Stella. Raffaello asked to go out to play, eager to see the rest of the world. Shirma did not want Raffaello going out by himself, but Stella allowed him. As Shirma voiced her concerns, Stella said not to worry as he was a big boy now.

Chocobo later came to speak to Stella after she had been shopping for oil in town from Meddit's Medicines. She began to talk about the old house Shirma used to live in with her parents and about Shirma's father, but suddenly forgot what Shirma's father looked like, realizing she heard the bell. The whirlpool of memories hovered over her head. After Chocobo cleared her memory dungeon, Stella remembered to start the windmill with the oil she had bought from Meddit's store and got the water pump working again. From then on, Chocobo was able to water and plant flowers bought from Flora's shop in the front yard.

Chocobo returned to Stella's house again just as she had finished baking some fresh biscuits for Dardola's place. Stella asked Chocobo to deliver them for her. Chocobo made a curious expression and Stella was starting to understand him better. Chocobo then agreed to take the biscuits to Dardola's dining.

Some time later, Chocobo and Shirma returned to Stella's house with Raffaello, who had grown up even more, being close to Shirma's age biologically. As Cid noted how he had grown up again, Stella asked what was wrong, noticing that he looked sad. Raffaello voiced his concerns that some unknown frightening thing was growing inside of him and that he was scared of himself. Shirma assured Raffaello could only be himself, but Raffaello was not convinced and ran out of the house. Shirma ran after him. After Raffaello had run off into town, Shirma collapsed, clutching her head in pain. Stella rushed out to her, sensing that something was wrong. Shirma weakly and unconvincingly assured she was alright before losing consciousness completely, and the sky turned dark. Stella and Chocobo moved Shirma into the house and onto a bed.

When Shirma woke up, Stella asked how she was feeling, and Shirma apologized for worrying the two of them. Shirma was nervous about going back to sleep because of the scary dream she kept having, but Stella assured she and Chocobo would be there for her. As Shirma fell back to sleep, the whirlpool of memories appeared over her head, and Stella watched Shirma toss and turn in her bed, talking in her sleep and looking as though she was suffering. Unnerved by this, Stella pleaded with Chocobo to help Shirma, and Chocobo agreed.

Chocobo returned with some of Shirma's memories recovered, and Shirma woke from her nightmare screaming. Now remembering her nightmare, Shirma told herself that she needed to be stronger and should not be having such dreams. Stella tried to comfort her by telling her that she would forget the dream eventually, but Shirma wanted to remember it, no matter how sad or scary, and wanted to keep believing and loving everyone around her. This caught Stella by surprise. Shirma fell asleep again and Stella went back downstairs. Worried about Raffaello, she asked Chocobo to look for him. Just as Chocobo exited, Freja arrived at Stella's house looking for him. Stella asked if something was wrong, and Freja explained the sun had not risen for hours. She suspected the day had not returned because the Oracle of Light was losing power, and she asked for Chocobo's help. Stella hinted that she knew who the Oracle of Light was and told Freja that Shirma was not feeling well and promised to keep an eye on her. Freja thanked Stella and left.

Chocobo was finally able to restore day when he recovered the rest of Shirma's memories, putting an end to her suffering. Chocobo and Shirma eventually caught up with Raffaello, who entered the clocktower, and Chocobo followed him in. While Stella remained in her home, Shirma and Cid followed Chocobo. At the culmination of the events, Croma, Shirma's sister, finally revealed herself, the Destroyer returned, manifesting through Raffaello and possessing him, and Croma was killed. Devastated and grief-stricken, Shirma fell ill and lost consciousness. Chocobo and Cid brought her back to Stella's house, and told Stella about everything that had happened. Stella begged for Shirma to pull herself together, but Shirma's fever steadily worsened. After Cid left, Stella suggested to Chocobo that Mayor Gale could know more about Raffaello's true mystique and the Floating Fortress, which had been summoned during the encounter at the top of the clocktower. Chocobo exited to join Cid in speaking with Mayor Gale while Stella looked after Shirma.

After Shirma woke up and was escorted by Cid to the clocktower piazza to help Chocobo, Stella joined the group there to watch Chocobo. She witnessed the Floating Fortress fall apart and explode. Chocobo was saved by the airship, and Stella and the others rushed over to Seaside Park to meet him. She, along with Mayor Gale, Cid, and the oracles applauded as Shirma and Chocobo met them at the top of the stairs. They were joined by Croma and Raffaello, now in his teenage form again and no longer possessed by the Destroyer. When Shirma noted Raffaello looked different, Mayor Gale suggested he must have been reborn as a result of his own struggle inside the Destroyer. Stella felt this was a good thing since Raffaello had grown up too fast. She encouraged Raffaello to start a new life, no matter how difficult. Stella then bore witness to Mayor Gale's speech.

Sometime later, Stella was present at Seaside Park alongside Croma, Shirma, Cid, Chocobo, and Raffaello. Raffaello had been ready to depart Lostime on the airship that Cid had built. When Stella asked Raffaello if he really had to go, he responded that it was essential. Raffaello explained that he had leave to atone for his sins and embark on a new path. Stella watched as Raffaello bid his farewells and gratitude to everyone and departed on the airship. Stella then returned to her farm. When Chocobo came, she complimented Chocobo for his heroic deeds in saving the world and expressed to him how grateful she, Shirma, and Croma were to him and how glad everyone was to have met him. Stella warmly thanked Chocobo for everything.


Stella is a kind, compassionate, and generous woman. She respects most people she meets, including her niece Shirma ,as well as Chocobo, Cid, and Raffaello. Stella resembles Shirma; both are compassionate and kind-hearted; are respectful to the people they meet; and hold many of the same values (the importance of family and holding on to memories). However, unlike Shirma, Stella is more level-headed and composed, and as such, is able to calm Shirma down when she acts emotional or when she is suffering. Stella can control her own emotions and behavior more easily than Shirma and acts motherly not only to Shirma, but to Chocobo, Cid, and Raffaello as well, providing hospitality to Chocobo and Cid after they had arrived at Lostime and cooked food for Raffaello and allowed him to play outside.

These acts also show Stella's capacity for responsibility. She is careful in looking after Shirma, sternly warning her to stay away from the clocktower bell in the fear that she would lose her memory. She worried when Raffaello disappeared from her house (when he was still a baby) and when he was depressed and ran off by himself (as a teenager). She was concerned for his well-being and asked Chocobo to go look for him. She was frantic when Shirma collapsed outside the house and rushed out to her when something was wrong. Being unnerved by Shirma's suffering, she asked Chocobo to help her while she stayed by her side, and later looked after Shirma after the events at the clocktower.

Stella looks down on people that seem "crazy" to her. She did not have much tolerance for the townspeople preaching of the beauty of forgetting, and perhaps looked down on them even more than her niece Shirma. Instead, she held on to the importance of keeping and making memories, which she adamantly supported along with her niece. She deeply loves her family, speaking fondly of Shirma's parents, reminiscing on her past with her family, and being protective of Shirma. Her capacity for family and compassion allowed Stella to help support Chocobo on his missions and made her standout alongside her niece to the townspeople.


Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Majo to Shoujo to Go-nin no Yuusha[]

Stella talking to Chocobo.

Stella appears to be a guardian in Cid's Castle along with Mayor Gale, who is now only called "Gale". She is not a major story character, but also seems like a nice friend to Cid.


Stella is voiced by Laura Post in Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy!.


Stella is Latin and Italian for "star".