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Temporarily reduce damage taken and how easily you are interrupted.


Steelskin is Barret's default ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake. It provides Barret with an unique buff that reduces both physical and magical damage taken, as well giving him a passive boost to his base interrupt defense, making him less susceptible to flinching.


Character Ability Barret Wallace
Effects - Grants Steelskin to Barret for 90 seconds
- Steelskin reduces damage dealt to Barret by 30%
- Steelskin increases Barret’s minimum interrupt defense to 40
Interrupt stats Interrupted by attacks with ≥60 interrupt strength

Steelskin is a defensive ability for Barret that provides him with a unique buff. It reduces the damage he takes by 30%, while also increasing his passive interrupt defense to 40 for 90 seconds. Once used, it does not have a unique buff icon. Instead, Barret sparkles with yellow shine to signal that Steelskin is active. Barret has an interrupt defense of 60 while casting Steelskin.


Steelskin is one of Barret's abilities that, alongside Lifesaver, serves him in the role as a "tank" type of character, allowing him to protect the party. Steelskin's buff is unique in that it enemies cannot dispel it, and it stacks with other buffs, such as Barrier Barrier and Manaward Manaward. This turns Barret into a resilient character capable of taking a lot of punishment.

Steelskin has the added benefit of granting a passive boost to his base interruption defense. This means that he will be able to take a larger variety of hits without flinching while he is not using a command, Overcharge/Overrun, or Parry.

Steelskin can be used in conjunction with Lifesaver or Provoke Materia Provoke Materia to draw fire away from the rest of the party, and then resist the damage he takes. Steelskin will not reduce damage projected onto Barret by Lifesaver, but will mitigate the damage he receives himself. Other buffs, such as Regen Regen, and Complete Materia Complete Materia can further improve Barret's tanking ability, allowing him to sustain a lot of damage. Steelskin can be used to mitigate the negative effects of the Berserk Berserk status.

As with all of Barret’s abilities, the player can tap Triangle to cancel into his recharge animation at the end of the ability to reduce the cooldown of Overcharge/Overrun by 7 seconds. This can save some time on his recharge animation, as a part of the animation will be split with his ability recovery time. This in turn can allow him to use his Overcharge or Overrun more frequently.

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War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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