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Steelguard FFXIII

Steelguard in Final Fantasy XIII.

Reduces the damage taken from enemy attacks. Guard becomes more effective with each bit of damage taken.
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII description

Steelguard (ライズガード, Raizu Gādo?, lit. Rise Guard) is a recurring ability in the series, appearing in the Lightning Saga. It boosts the user's physical and magic resistance if they are attacked while using it.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Steelguard is a Sentinel ability. While using Steelguard the damage reduction percentage increases by 20. Defense increases each time the Sentinel is attacked while guard is in effect; each received attack increases the damage reduction by 1–3%.

Steelguard can be learned by Snow (Crystarium stage 1), Fang (stage 6), Vanille (stage 6), and Sazh (stage 7).

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Steelguard is a Sentinel ability that boosts physical and magic resistance each time the user is attacked while defending.

Steelguard can be learned by Serah (role level 3), Bunkerbeast (1), Calautidon (6), Flandit (5), Goblin Chieftain (1), Major Moblin (1), Metalligantuar (2), Pulsework Gladiator (1), Pulsework Knight (7), Pulse Soldier (7), Silver Chocobo (1), Tezcatlipoca (2), and Xolotl (2).

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

Steelguard is a defensive ability that raises defense against physical and magical damage by 25%. Its ATB cost is 4 on Lv. 3 and 5 on levels 1—2.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

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