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Steel Gorget is an accessory in Final Fantasy XII that increases strength when HP is critical (HP is ≤15%), making normal attacks deal double damage. The effect is the same as the Adrenaline augment, and once the character has unlocked Adrenaline on their License Board, equipping the Steel Gorget is redundant. In the Zodiac versions, the gorget also gives +1 Defense. The gorget is metal, which factors for the Magnetize handicap for the Vinuskar battle.



In the original PlayStation 2 versions, Steel Gorget can be bought for 1500 gil in Dalmasca Estersand, Dalmasca Westersand (after the events at Dreadnought Leviathan), Barheim Passage (before obtaining the Treaty-Blade and aboard Dreadnought Leviathan.


In the updated Zodiac versions, Steel Gorget are sold for 1,300 gil in Dreadnought Leviathan, Dalmasca Westersand (after Ondore's estate), Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Dyce outside Tomb of Raithwall, Jahara, Mosphoran Highwaste (after defeating Judge Bergan), Phon Coast and the "secret shop" in the Necrohol of Nabudis.

The gorget is also found in treasures in Dalmasca Westersand's Corridor of Sand (70% to appear, 45% chance for gil, 50% chance for Steel Gorget when the treasure is an item without the Diamond Armlet equipped), Lhusu Mines' Site 2 (The treasures in Site 2 will disappear and never respawn after Ba'Gamnan attacks the party. This is deemed to be a glitch.) and Tchita Uplands' Oliphzak Rise (35% chance to appear, 70% chance for gil, 50% chance for Steel Gorget when the treasure is an item without the Diamond Armlet), as well as the Trial Mode stages 10 and 31 with the Diamond Armlet equipped.


The effect the gorget bestows is excellent, as the attacker doubles attack power when in critical health, which can then stack with Berserk and Bravery, and characters in critical health also naturally score more frequent and long combos as long as their weapon is capable. The best damage output is achieved with a critical health attacker buffed with Berserk, Bravery and Haste with a high-combo weapon; the party can have another character with Lure to draw enemies' enmity. However, the same effect is gained from the Adrenaline license, making the Steel Gorget redundant once the player has it. In the original versions, every character can unlock it, but in the Zodiac versions, only the following jobs have it: Uhlan, Knight, Monk, Foebreaker, Archer, and Shikari. The Steel Gorget can be used to give the effect to the other jobs. However, in The Zodiac Age, the player can pick two License Boards per party member, and so even the other jobs can gain the Adrenaline license with correct pairings.