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FF Dimensions Steal Hearts

Steal Hearts in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Capture the target's heart, enthralling them.
Final Fantasy Tactics description

Steal Heart (ハートを盗む, Hāto o Nusumu?) is a recurring ability in the series. It is an ability used by the Thief class, which attempts to inflict Confuse or Charm to one target.


Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Steal Heart is an ability learned by the Thief class for 150 JP. It attempts to inflict Charm to one target within a range of 3.

The formula for the success rate is:

$ Magick Attack + 50 $

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Inflicts Confuse on all enemies. Sometimes fails and inflicts Berserk on self.

Steal Hearts is a Fusion Ability for the Warriors of Darkness, requiring the abilities Steal and Aim: Heart. It attempts to inflict Confuse on all enemies, but can fail and inflicts Berserk on the user at the cost of 23 MP.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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