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Steal Gil along with items.


Steal Gil is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for Zidane that earns small amounts of gil alongside stolen items; no message is displayed, the gil is simply added to the player's wallet. Steal Gil costs 5 Magic Stones to equip.


Steal Gil is learned from Glass Armlet and Yellow Scarf for 40 AP. Glass Armlet is found in the Lindblum Castle guest room and bought in shops from this point on.

Yellow Scarf is first synthesized in Lindblum, and later also found in Cleyra's cathedral.

Equipping both at once learns Steal Gil for only 20 AP.


With Steal Gil active, whenever Zidane succeeds stealing an item from an enemy, the party also gains a minor random amount of gil as per the following formula:


Steal Gil is generally not worth equipping, as the gil obtained is minor. As the amount gained is not shown when Zidane steals, it can be hard to gauge how much gil is actually earned this way. Gil is most useful in the early and middle game, but this is also when both Zidane and enemy levels are low and Steal Gil is at its worst. Later on when Zidane is leveled up and higher level enemies are available, the player has likely already obtained everything they want from shops and the Treno Auction House and there is no real use for gil anymore; counterintuitively, Amarant's Spare Change does less damage the more gil the party holds.

The player is better off obtaining more gil passively with Quina's Millionaire whenever they are in the party, however, Quina is in the party only sporadically until the Blue Narciss becomes available. Another gil farming trick is the "Cotton Robe exploit". When the player has a flying transport, they can fight Gimme Cats outside Daguerreo for gil.