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Thief command. Steal with nimble hands.


Steal (盗む, Nusumu?) is the action ability for the Thief in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Skill Equipment AP Range
Steal: Armor Rondell Dagger 300 1
Steals armor worn by enemy.
Steal: Shield Scramasax 200 1
Steals shield held by enemy.
Steal: Access. Jambiya 300 1
Steals accessory worn by enemy.
Boots cannot be stolen.
Steal: Helm Kard 300 1
Steals helmet or headwear worn by enemy.
Steal: Weapon Sword Breaker 300 1
Steals weapon held by enemy.
Steal: Gil Jack Knife 100 1
Steals gil from enemy.
Steal: EXP Khukuri 100 1
Steals experience points from enemy.
Steal: JP Orichalcum 200 1
Steals judge points from enemy.
Steal: Ability Cinquedea 300 1
Steals enemy's A-ability for your use.
The ability must be mastered and able to be learned by any job. Reaction and Support abilities cannot be stolen. Success rate is low.


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