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Equips "Steal" command


Single slot. Steal is a Command Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide abilities that steal items from enemies. These are the basic Steal command as well as Mug, which attempts to steal an item as well as launching a physical attack.


Steal can first be obtained in the sewers below Wall Market in Midgar. Later, it can be purchased in Kalm for 1,200 gil.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Steal
2 40000 Mug
3 50000 MASTER


Ability Effect
Steal Attempt to steal an item from a single enemy. If All, attempt to steal an item from each enemy.
Mug Physical attack against single enemy and attempt to steal an item from a single enemy. If All, physical attack against all enemies, long range, and attempt to steal an item from each enemy.



The Steal Materia adds the ability Steal at level 1, and Mug at level 2. Both can steal items from enemies, providing access to some rare items that are otherwise not easy to obtain. Though Steal will simply attempt to take an item, Mug will perform a physical attack before attempting to steal. Steal can be paired with Support Materia, and though most of them are not useful with the Steal ability, this can be used to add Support Materia effects to normal physical attacks if used with Mug.

The Materia grants a small +2 to Dexterity, which determines the character's ATB speed and Defense% (chance to dodge attacks). The change is small, but will benefit any character. As Steal is based partly on the user's level, if a player is unsure whom to give the command to, they can simply give it to their highest-level character with a Materia slot available, or whom they would like to act slightly faster in combat.

The basic Steal ability does not deal any damage, and its success rate is based on the user's level. This means that it can be given to any character. For Mug, if the player wishes to deal maximum damage by using it as well as stealing, it can be given to characters with a high Strength stat: either Cloud, Barret, Tifa, or Cid. However, players may instead treat the damage from Mug as a bonus, and prefer to keep the enemy alive to guarantee obtaining the item. In this case, Mug should be given to characters with lower Strength: Aeris, Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, and Vincent. Characters with the Steal Materia can equip Sneak Glove to improve their ability.

One minor drawback with Mug is that the physical attack it performs can potentially kill an enemy, meaning an item cannot be stolen from them. To resolve this, the player can simply equip another Steal Materia.

The Steal Materia will override the Master Command Materia in terms of where the command comes in the list and the ability being used. Master Command provides Steal.

As an alternative to using Steal, characters can pair the Steal as well Materia with another to perform Steal with an attack.