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FFVI Steal

Locke attempts to steal an item in Final Fantasy VI (GBA).

Steals an item from an enemy.

Steal (盗む or ぬすむ, Nusumu?), also known as Sneak, is an ability that has appeared in most Final Fantasy games since Final Fantasy III. It is primarily used by the Thief class, and involves stealing an item from an opponent. Its upgrade, Mug, deals damage and steals in the same turn. In some games, if a player steals an item from an opponent, it will not drop items after battle.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy III Edit

Steal is part of the Thief job class.

Items stolen depend on Job Level and the enemy, as follows:

  • If Job Level is 1–30, can only steal Item #1.
  • If Job Level is 31–70, can steal Item #1 and #2.
  • If Job Level is 71–98, can steal Items #1, #2, and #3.
  • If Job Level is 99, can steal all items.

Each Job Level also comes with its own Steal Rate for each item, as follows:

  • If Job Level is 1–30, Steal Rate = 19%
  • If Job Level is 31–70, Steal Rate = 17%
  • If Job Level is 71–98, Steal Rate = 15%
  • If Job Level is 99, Steal Rate = 12%

When stealing from an enemy, it will always attempt to steal from the rarest item first, then go down the list until either an item is stolen, or the steal fails.

Final Fantasy IV Edit

FFIV Steal Fail

A failed Steal attempt.

Steal (also known as Sneak) can be used by the Ninja Edge. Steal has a Charge Time of 0. He can only steal items which are commonly dropped. If he fails, there is a chance he will take damage. Edge is able to steal multiple times from the same enemy.

In the Advance and later versions, Edge can upgrade Steal to Plunder, which is similar to Mug, by equipping the Hanzo Gloves.

The formula for stealing is as follows:

  • If the Target's Level >= Edge's Level, Chance to Steal = 5/100.
  • If the Target's Level < Edge's Level
$ Chance to Steal = 4 * (Edge's Level - Target's Level) / 100 $

The chance to steal is capped at 95/100. The cap will be reached when Edge is at least 24 levels higher than the target.

The Steal command is part of the Sneak glitch that works in the certain versions.

Final Fantasy IV -Interlude- Edit

Steal is Edge's exclusive ability. It functions the same way as it did in the original.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Steal items from an enemy.

Edge's Steal ability has been upgraded to Mug. The ninja Tsukinowa has Steal. Steal has a Charge Time of 0 and items can be stolen multiple times from the same enemy.

Final Fantasy V Edit

FFV Steal Icon iOS
Steal treasure from an enemy.

Steal is the Level 4 ability in the Thief class, learned for 50 ABP. The Thief's Gloves doubles success rate. Common and rare steals appear for the first time. Most often, a character will steal a common item, but there is a slight chance of stealing a rare one. The initial steal rate is 40%, while with Thief Glove, it becomes 80%, and there is a 5/128 chance of stealing a rare item from the enemy, if they have one.

Final Fantasy VI Edit

Steal is Locke's special ability.

His success rate is:

$ \textrm{Success}\,\,\textrm{rate} = (50 + \textrm{Locke's}\,\,\textrm{level} - \textrm{Target's}\,\,\textrm{level})/128. $
FFVI IOS Merchant Clothes

Locke stealing clothes from a Merchant.

This value is doubled if Locke has a Thief's Bracer equipped. There is a 1/8 chance that Locke will steal a rare item, and a 7/8 chance he will steal a common item. If there is no common item in an enemy's common item slot, there is a 7/8 chance Locke will fail to steal. The optional character Gogo may also use Steal. Dischord also helps with improving the success rate for both Steal and Mug.

Harvesters, Punishers, Mugbears, and Dadaluma can steal from the party, but it works like Steal Gil. If the monster(s) or the party escapes, the party loses the stolen gil. If the enemy is defeated and the battle is won, the party will gain the stolen gil in the battle results.

In Locke's scenario at South Figaro, he can steal clothes from Cadets and Merchants to disguise himself.

Final Fantasy VII Edit

Steal is the ability on a level 1 Steal Materia. As the Materia levels up Steal is replaced by Mug. The Steal command steals an item from the enemy, whereas Mug inflicts damage as well. The Steal effect can be applied to Magic, Summon and Command Materia with the Steal as Well Support Materia.

The formula for working out the steal success rate uses the attacker's level, the target's level, the item's number, and a random element.

$ LV difference = 40 + User's LV - Target's LV $

The sum works out the difference between the user and the target's level, and then adds forty to it and capped at 100. As an example, if the user's level is 50, and the enemy's level is 25, the result is 65. The next step includes multiplication and division.

$ LV factor = \frac{512 \times LV difference}{100} $

The answer to the first equation is multiplied by 512, before being divided by 100, before the result is truncated to reach a whole number. In the example earlier, the result would be 332. The next step is to include the item's chance.

$ Chance = \frac{Item chance \times LV factor}{256} $

In the example used above, the enemy is a Tonberry, an enemy one cannot fight outside the Battle Square. The only item a Tonberry has is a Turbo Ether. In this case, the Turbo Ether has an item chance of eight. So it would be 332 multiplied by eight, and divided by 256. This is 10.375, and then truncated to 10. The final part of the equation adds the random element.

$ Rnd(0..63) \le Chance $

This means a number between 0 and 63 is randomly selected. If the random number is less than or equal to the Chance, then the item is stolen. In this case there are eleven results that end in the item being stolen, and 54 of it not being. This means there is a 17.1875% chance of stealing the item.

If an enemy has more than one item, it does the calculation on the item in the first slot, and if it fails, it repeats the calculation in the next slot, and then on until an item has been stolen or it fails in all of them. This means that if a user's level is high enough, they will encounter problems stealing items in slots after the first one. As an example, the Bagrisk has a Soft in its first slot with a chance of 32, a second Soft with another chance of 32, and a Vagyrisk Claw as its third and final with a chance of eight. The Bagrisk is level 19.

If the user is level 50, 50 add 40 minus 19 is 71. 71 multiplied by 512, then divided by 100 is 363.52, truncated to 363. The first slot is 32; that multiplied by 363, and then divided by 256 is 45. Using the random formula, there are 46 chances of stealing, and 18 of not. The percentage of stealing it is 71.875%. Assuming it does not steal, it moves onto the second slot, again 32, with the same 46 out of 64 chance of stealing. This gives a 20.2148% chance of getting this item from the Steal. The final item has a factor of eight. Eight multiplied by the Lv factor of 363, divided by 256 gives 11.34375, truncated be 11. If this was in the first slot, there would be twelve in 64 chance of stealing, and 52 of not, which is a 18.75% chance of stealing. Being in the third slot after the Softs gives a 1.4832% chance of stealing.

If a player's level is 78; 78 add 40 minus 19 is 99. 512 multiplied by 99, divided by 100, and then truncated is 506. Multiplied by 32, divided by 256, and truncated, is 63. A random number between 0 and 63 is always less than or equal to 63. This means there as a 100% chance of stealing from the first slot. Therefore the second Soft and the Vagyrisk Claw cannot be stolen.

If the Sneak Gloves are equipped, the Lv difference will be set to 100 thus the Lv factor will always be 512. So using the original Tonberry example, the lowest possible result is 512 multiplied by eight, divided by 256 is 16. So no matter what the player's level, there is always at least a 17 in 64 chance to steal the item. As established above, against a Bagrisk a Lv factor of 512 is more than 506, thus one will never steal the Vagyrisk Claw with the Sneak Gloves equipped.

The Master Command Materia grants the Steal command, but not the advanced Mug command. There is also a Steal as Well Materia that adds the steal function to a paired Materia.

Steal is also an enemy ability known by Vice and Prowler, which takes an item from the target's inventory (but not items that cannot be sold or thrown, and if no valid items are available, then nothing will be stolen). If the user then escapes, they escape with what they stole; however, if they are defeated the player wins the item back. After stealing the item, neither will attack, but will stay in battle and do nothing until they escape. The Prowler has a quarter chance of stealing on his first turn, whereas Vice has only a sixth. Both enemies also have Grind, which appears to do the same thing and also steals an item. There is a quarter chance the Prowler will do this on his first turn and a sixth for the Vice, again.

The Magic Pot will counter with Gimme if the player does not give him Elixirs, and will randomly take an item from the player's inventory. The enemy has to be killed to get it back, else it will escape with it.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

Steal comes with the Steal Materia. When used Zack takes a moment to charge the attack, then attempts to steal an item. Equipping the Brigand's Gloves guarantees a successful steal from an enemy. Steal costs no AP to use.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

FFIX Confusion

Zidane steals an Ore from a Lamia.

Steal items from enemy.

Characters can steal more than once from the same opponent. Each opponent has between one and four items available and their list is set. Some items are easier to steal than others. The Master Thief support ability makes it easier for characters to steal rare items, and the Bandit support ability perfects the steal success rate. After an enemy has been stolen from, it still may drop items upon defeat.

Steal can be used by Zidane, Marcus, Blank, and Cinna. Zidane is the only one permanently playable. Steal is important for Zidane's Thievery skill, as its damage increases along with the total number of successful steals the player has made including those by Marcus, Blank and Cinna.

Without Bandit, the formula for Steal hitting a target is as follows:

$ Attack = Rnd MOD (Level + Spirit) $
$ Defense = Rnd MOD (Enemy Level) $[1]

If Attack is equal or greater than Defense, Steal is a success. If Bandit is equipped, this step is ignored and Steal will always hit the target.

After Steal has successfully hit the target, the chances for stealing from each slot is as follows:

Item Rarity Success Rate Master Thief
Very Rare 1/256 32/256 (1/8)
Rare 16/256 (1/16) 32/256 (1/8)
Uncommon 64/256 (1/4) 64/256 (1/4)
Common 256/256 (100%) 256/256 (100%)

Steal will first attempt the rare slot. If that fails, Steal moves on to the next most common slot. A successful Steal from an empty slot results in a failed Steal attempt. If the Master Thief ability is equipped, it changes the Steal rate for rare and semi-rare items to 32/256 instead, and allows Steal to ignore empty slots.

Therefore, with Bandit and Master Thief both equipped, if the target has a common item, Steal will have 100% success of stealing one of the items.

Foes can also steal from the player, the Vice and Magic Vice. Once an enemy steals an item from the player it can't be retrieved even when the enemy is defeated after that.

Despite stealing playing a major role, few enemies and bosses have unique items; most of those can be usually bought in shops or synthesized eventually.

Stealing 50 times earns the Sticky Fingers achievement/trophy in the versions that support an achievements system.

Final Fantasy X Edit

FFX Steal Miss

A fail Steal.

Enemies have common and rare steal items and have infinitely many items available. The first time a character steals they will always succeed, but the chance of a successful Steal is halved after every successful Steal on the same enemy. The Pickpocket ability makes it easier to steal rare items, and Master Thief guarantees steal of rare items. All characters can learn Steal as a Special ability by going through the Sphere Grid. As Steal is on her section of the grid, Rikku begins with it when she joins the party.

Steal dismantles and destroys minor machina enemies. It cannot be used against out-of-reach targets (Wakka can still mug them).

Stealing 200 times with Rikku in the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster version earns the A Talent for Acquisition trophy/achievement.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

Steal items from one enemy.
—"Help" description

Steal is the primary command ability Thief dressphere, but the user can also learn Sticky Fingers, which guarantees stealing an item; and Master Thief which steals only rare items. Steal doesn't dismantle and destroy minor machina-class enemies.

Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission Edit

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Final Fantasy XI Edit

Steal is an ability that is used by the Thief job class. It is available from level 5. The Thief does not actually steal anything that is on an enemy's normal loot table.

Steal is used almost exclusively for monetary personal gain, but when thieves go to fight Maat for their last Limit Break, they will automatically win the fight if they are able to steal. Most character classes actually have to defeat Maat in order to move on to Levels 71-75.

Through Merit Points, thieves can enhance this ability with a trait called "Aura Steal", which allows them to literally steal a beneficial status effect from an opponent.

Final Fantasy XII Edit

Steal is a Technick the player has since in the beginning. The license for the Steal costs 15 License Points, and it is known by Vaan, Balthier and Fran by default. Though the Steal Technick is sold in Rabanastre, the player can never buy it because they start the game with it.

Each foe has a set of common, rare and very rare item that can be stolen. If the steal is successful, the player will acquire either one or a selection of these items, with the chance of getting a certain item depending on its rarity. Once something has been stolen from an enemy one can't steal from that enemy again unless it re-spawns. There is an exception for the "green bar" neutral enemies; stealing from a neutral enemy, then zoning out once and returning will have returned the enemy to its neutral state, restoring its steal item. Related are enemies with cutscenes during the battle, such as the marks Rogue Tomato (the player can steal another item when it leaps off the cliff) and Gilgamesh (the player can steal another item whenever he draws out a new weapon).

Stealing is unaffected by battle chain. The only way to improve the chance to steal better items is to equip the Thief's Cuffs accessory.

All stealable items are divided into three categories:

  • High chance: 55%
  • Mid chance: 10%
  • Low chance: 3%

With the Thief's Cuff accessory, the chances increase to:

  • High chance: 80%
  • Mid chance: 30%
  • Low chance: 6%

Rare Game enemies only carry one item, usually belonging to the "Low" chance category.

The game first checks for the chance to steal the rarest item. If stealing the rare item fails, the game next checks the moderate chance item, and if that fails, the game checks for the most common item. If this step fails as well, the steal fails.

Normally only one item can be stolen, but the Thief's Cuffs also enables one to steal multiple items at once; the game first checks for the rare item, and if that is successful, the game still checks for the other items as well, and the player has a chance of getting items from multiple categories simultaneously. However, once something has been stolen, the player can't steal again from the same enemy, not even with Thief's Cuffs equipped.

Stealing successfully 50 times adds Vaan's sprite to the Sky Pirate's Den and awards the "Master Thief" trophy/achievement in The Zodiac Age.

In the Zodiac versions, the Steal license costs 20 LP and can be used by the job classes Machinist, Archer, Black Mage and Red Battlemage; the Black Mage must acquire the license for the Esper Zalera first, and the Red Battlemage must acquire the license for the Esper Hashmal. Vaan, Balthier and Fran have this Technick no matter what job they choose, because they already have it when they join the party.

Automating stealing via the gambit system is something players strive to do, but the stealer will keep stealing even when the target has nothing to steal. Thus, many players opt to use Foe HP 100% gambit to only steal from newly met enemies. The developers have commented that they didn't want to make stealing too convenient, and wanted to keep that element of trial-and-error and the "healthy player frustration" that "makes the game fun." Thus, the imperfect stealing with gambits has been left in the International and HD versions.[2]

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings Edit

The player can't steal items, but Vaan learns various steal skills that allow him to steal an opponent's speed, strength or stamina.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

Thief job command. Allows a unit to steal gil, items, and even non-material things.

Steal is the action ability for the Thief job class. The Thief has the ability to steal specific items from enemies, including their weapons and armor, and also their "heart", EXP and gil.

The steal rate depends on the character's speed stat, meaning the higher the speed, the higher the chance.

In the War of the Lions port, the Sky Pirate class has upgraded versions of these abilities called Plunder.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

Steal is an action ability for the Thief job class. The Thief has the ability to steal specific items from enemies, including their weapons and armor. They can even steal their abilities and Judge Points.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

Thievery is the command ability for the Thief job class. Thieves can only steal Loot, which can be used to make items in shops and buy them, items, accessories, the usual gil, or the victim's Smash Gauge.

Steal is also an ability for the Sky Pirate class, where it randomly uses one of the above steals except for stealing the Smash Gauge.

Vikings are able to use the Brutality command, which includes moves allowing the Viking to mug gil, items, or even armor.

The Final Fantasy Legend Edit

Steal is an ability that has 5 uses and steals GP from the target, and ability exclusive to Pirate.

Final Fantasy Legend II Edit

Steal is an ability that has 10 uses, it also increases a Robot's HP by 9 and Agl by 2. The amount of GP stolen is equal to the users Agl x5. This ability can be used by Chafer.

Final Fantasy Legend III Edit

Steal is an enemy ability that steals GP equal to what the enemy drops. This ability is used by Werepig, Nitemare, Viking, Thief, Burgler, Brigand, and Outlaw.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Edit

Steal is an ability available for the Bandit crown, Steal is the normal command ability from the start, but the Bandit class can also learn Plunder, which attempts to steal from all enemies; and Pillage which steals an item from an enemy guaranteed.

Bravely Default Edit

Steal is the job level 1 ability for the Thief. It has a 25% chance to steal an item from an enemy.

Bravely Second: End Layer Edit

Steal is the level 1 command ability for the Thief. It allows the user to steal an item from target enemy with a 50% chance of success.

Final Fantasy Dimensions Edit

Steal is the level 8 ability of the Thief class, requiring 130 AP to master. It requires 2 slots to equip and use, and when used the user will attempt to steal the target's item.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Edit

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Edit

Steal comes in three levels of power. Each time an enemy is defeated in BMS, Steal will attempt to steal an item from the defeat enemy with a success chance dependent on the level of the ability, 10% for Lv1, 20% for Lv2, and 30% for Lv3. Steal will only successfully activate once per stage. The item Brigand's Glove guarantees it will succeed, but as with all items is consumed when the stage ends. Faris, Locke, Zidane and Vaan learn all three levels of Steal, and any character can learn Steal Lv1 through usage of the Thief's Tome item.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Edit

Steal (Lv1) is a reactive ability that costs 16 CP to equip. It is activated with 10% success after defeating an enemy in Battle Music Sequences (BMS). It works once per stage and guarantees obtaining the enemy's item. It is learned by Edge (level 15), Locke (level 25), Yuffie (level 10), Zidane (level 20), Vaan (level 30), and Rikku (level 35). It can be taught to any character with the Thief's Tome.

Steal (Lv2) is a reactive ability that costs 20 CP to equip. It is activated with 20% success after defeating any enemy in BMS. It works once per stage and guarantees obtaining the enemy's item. It is learned by Edge (level 60), Locke (level 70), Yuffie (level 45), Zidane (level 55), Vaan (level 75), Balthier (level 90), Ramza (level 90), and Rikku (level 70).

Steal (Lv3) is a reactive ability that costs 24 CP to equip. It is activated with 30% success after defeating any enemy in BMS. It works once per stage and guarantees obtaining the enemy's item. It is learned by Edge (level 95), Locke (level 95), Yuffie (level 80), Zidane (level 95), Vaan (level 95), and Rikku (level 95).

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival Edit

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Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Final Fantasy Explorers Edit

Steal an item in the enemy's possession. Only one item may be taken from each target.

Thief can use Steal to steal items from opponents.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit

Steal item.
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Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon Edit

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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Edit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

Steal is an ability usable by Rikku's card. For the activation cost of Dulling Rikku and discarding another Rikku card, Steal places two cards from the top of the opponent's deck into their Break Zone, then the player controlling Rikku draws a card. Rikku also bears an unnamed ability usable by paying a Wind CP and Dulling Rikku, that discards one card from the opponent's deck.

Numerous other Thief cards bear an ability similar to Rikku's Steal, discarding the top two cards of the opponent's deck, some for a cost of CP, others when they are played to the field.

Gallery Edit

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Etymology Edit

Steal is to take the property of another without right or permission.

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