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FFIII DS Statues of the Quest

The Statues Of The Quest (4つの像, Yotsu no Zou?) are eight statues, in sets of two, in Final Fantasy III. The statues are created as a fail-safe by Xande in the event that the Warriors of the Light happen to have defeated Kraken and dispel the Flood of Darkness that once covered the surface world, to prevent them from reaching him too early. To destroy the barriers that prevent the Warriors of the Light from reaching the Ancients' Maze, they must have all four Elemental Fangs. If the Warriors of the Light try to proceed without all 4 fangs to destroy the eight statues, the penalty is an instantaneous Game Over. The similar trait of an instant Game Over is shared with the bottomless bog if the proper item is not own by the Warriors of the Light.

Also, it is impossible for either Nautilus or Invincible to proceed through the statues. All that yields is the Warriors of the Light are frozen in one spot for a few seconds, and either airship being sent back by magic.

The fangs are found after Nepto's eye has been returned to its statue yielding the Fang of Water, after the defeat of Hein yielding the Fang of Wind, after the awakening of the guardian of the dream world yielding the Fang of Fire, and found at the end of the Cave of Darkness, yielding the Fang of Earth.


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