Stars is a character of Final Fantasy Awakening serving as Enkidu's second form within 30 Star Augite shards within the Augite System.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Stars has red eyes with a pale brown eyepatch on his right eye. He wears red and white spiked dragon armor with purple and black trim which show his midriff, red and gray greaves with a white trim that resembles a red dragon scale motif, black pants and red knee-high dragon boots. He a red and white spiked helmet and red dragon segmented gloves.

Story[edit | edit source]

Stars was a gifted and ambitious boy who was born into the royal family of Concordia before turning into a Lorican l'Cie.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Stars is able to take down his opponents with the use of his large arms but also drains the opponent's HP and is more effective than Enkidu's. His strongest skill has him to punch heavily into the ground creating a massive burning fissure to all opponents similar to a massive earthquake.

This form requires Enkidu in 3★ Mythic and 30 Star Augite Shards; the shards are obtained in the Augite Trial within the Augite System and winning at the Thrones of Paragon once randomly. This shows a scene where Enkidu takes down his enemies and to visit the Azure Dragon Crystal which resulted him to transform into Stars while demonstrating his powers and was challenged by Claes which Stars quickly defeats her in battle. Once Stars was acquired, it shows the same scene where Enkidu transforms into Stars after looking at the Azure Dragon Crystal and demonstrating his powers.

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