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The party traveling through the top floors of the Star Chamber.

The party traveling through the final floors of the Star Chamber.

The Star Chamber (星の奈落, Hoshi no Naraku?) is the final dungeon in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light that can only be entered after the party defeats Satan in the Magic Laboratory.

The dungeon is located southwest of the city of Urbeth and can only be entered with the help of the Cetus. Within the Star Chamber, Chaos causes the player to lose every single crown in their inventory, and they must fight the eight bosses inside to get them back. Fighting the eight bosses is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended the player tries to get all their crowns back.

The Star Chamber appears as a large labyrinth that resembles a normal cave on the first floors, and the bottom levels of the dungeon resemble deep space. The upper areas of the Star Chamber are connected by cave entrances and stairs, but lower areas are connected by stars and vacuums.

The dungeon is full of hidden passages, which often leads to a chest carrying some of the game's strongest accessories such as the Ribbon and the Hero's Will. The area is also infested with powerful monsters such as Behugemores and Arch Demons. The Adventurer only appears on the fourth floor of the dungeon. Players are highly advised to bring a Torch to brighten up the area.


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After defeating Satan and fixing all the mistakes of the past, Chaos reveals the Star Chamber and attempts to fully cover the world in darkness. Brandt and the others head to the Star Chamber with the help of the Cetus. When they enter the dungeon, Chaos reveals to the party that he has sealed all their crowns and they must defeat all of his minions again to obtain them.

After defeating all of Chaos minions and obtaining all their crowns, the party goes into the bottom levels of the Star Chamber and meets Chaos himself. Chaos attacks the party, but he is defeated twice. After he is defeated, Chaos arises once more. He then weakens the party and almost causes the group to give up, but their allies encourage them to not give up and give them the power to stand again. The party battles Chaos one more time and defeats him. After Chaos's death, the Star Chamber begins to collapse, but the party manages to escape on the dragon and return to Horne.

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Item Location
Phoenix Down Chest located in the upper room on B1F.
Fresh Meat Chest in the west room on B2F.
Ribbon Chest on the west side on B2F.
Kiku-Ichimonji Chest on the east side on B2F.
Hero's Will Chest in the east room on B2F.
Hi-Ether Chest on the east side of B3F.
Fortune Egg Chest in the hidden room on B3F.
X-Potion Chest next to the Adventurer on B4F.


Musical themes[]

"Another Space" (異空間, Ikuukan?) is the location theme for the Star Chamber and plays on the first four floors of the dungeon. "The Demon King's Heartbeat" (最後の戦い, Saigo no tatakai?) plays for the final five floors of the dungeon. Both tracks can be found in the original soundtrack as Tracks 36 and 37 respectively, and are composed by Naoshi Mizuta.