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Stanik Alubovis a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is part of the newly formed Gunnhildr's Blades, and fights with the Bozjan Resistance during the Save the Queen questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion.


Stanik's portrait in Field Record.

Life under imperial rule was, for the great majority of Bozjans, a daily struggle against poverty, and the same held true for Stanik’s parents─a slow day at the little stall they ran meant no food on the table that night. No coin could be spared to send Stanik to school, and that, too, was not uncommon. Stanik himself did what he could to earn money, whether that be minding the neighbors’ children or polishing boots on the street, but no matter how bad things were, he never resorted to thieving. His parents had always taught him that being poor was no excuse for poor morals.

At the age of fifteen, Stanik presented himself at the imperial army’s conscription office for evaluation, and was accepted as a soldier. He did this not because he sought a soldier’s glory, but rather to ease the burden on his parents by giving them one less mouth to feed. Of his meager wages, he sent home what he could. Though it be but a pittance, it sometimes helped Stanik feel like the hero he yearned to become. The letters he received in return were his sole source of comfort, evidence as they were that his parents yet survived. Later, Stanik lost his parents during the Bozja incident while Stanik was stationed at a distant post.[1]

Eventually Stanik joined the Bozjan Resistance and becoming a member of Gunnhildr's Blades. When the Bozjan Resistance forces were overcome at Volod's outpost in western shores of Igalj Kelo, Bajsaljen ordered a full retreat dispatching his three most trusted lieutenants to cover those in flight. Stanik, Xeven, and Isolde succeeded in uniting with the surviving troops, but were ambushed on their return by Albeleo and his regiment, who sought to take advantage of the situation by picking off the Bozjans in their weakened state. The three fought bravely, expertly employing the rocks, the trees─even the corpses of their ill-fated countrymen as a defensive wall against their foe. In the end, however, the Garleans' sheer firepower proved too much to overcome. Knowing they faced total eradication otherwise, Stanik and Xeven entrusted their wounded men to Isolde, then engaged in a diversionary attack, which succeeded in confusing the imperials, and thus buying much-needed time for her escape. Stanik and Xeven were alone and entirely at the mercy of their enemy until dawn when they were saved by Isolde who brought reinforcements.[2]

Stanik fought alongside other Gunnhildr’s Blades members in Bozjan Southern Front and participates in Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore. Before they can celebrate their capture of the Castrum, Misija appears with captive Mikoto. Holding the scholar hostage, she forces the Warrior of Light to use their Echo to delve into the memories held within the relic Save the Queen. As Bajsaljen prepares the Blades to surprise her, Misija summons the primal Gunnhildr and commands to temper the Gunnhildr’s Blades on the location, including Stanik. The Gunnhildr’s Blades followed Misija's commands and killed their own Bozjan Resistance comrades. Eventually Save the Queen's aether distorts the bodies of Stanik, Isolde and Xeven and merged them into a single abominable entity that the Warrior of Light defeats in Delubrum Reginae.



Stanik is a hrothgar from the Lost tribe, he has light blue fur and dark blue hair with a beard. He wears marsh green bozjan armor of fending and wears a circlet on his head. In battle he wields the sword Honorbound and the shield Tenacity.


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Stanik the Unwavering is an allied npc who helps with several Skirmishes in The Bozjan Southern Front The Bozjan Southern Front. In battle he fights as a Paladin with unique abilities such as Wrath of Gunnhildr, Queensblade, Ultimatium, and his special ability Niraya Prominence which will knockback enemies and damage them with a circular AoE. Later, he is fought as a boss called Trinity Avowed in Delubrum Reginae Delubrum Reginae.


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