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Stamp in Final Fantasy XII.

Stamp (貼付 ちょうふ, Chōfu?) is a technick in Final Fantasy XII. It transfers the user's current status onto the target. The statuses do not leave the user upon use.

In the original version, all statuses are transferable whether positive or negative. Thus, the player can buff up an ally, and then stamp the other party members to give them the same buffs for no MP cost, a useful trick for buffs that have a high MP cost, such as Bubble. Ally afflicted with a negative status can also stamp it onto a foe, useful against foes that resist being inflicted with a negative status. However, once the player gets the Nihopalaoa accessory, or even the Indigo Pendant, Stamp becomes the inferior method.

In the Zodiac versions, Stamp can only transfer harmful status effects to enemies, and cannot be used to buff party members.

Because the status stamped onto a target is identical, the status duration is copied as well; the duration of the stamped status(es) is identical to the left-over duration on the stamper. The exception is stamping a permanent status gained from wearing a piece of an equipment, such as Ruby Ring (Auto-Reflect) or Shell Shield (Auto-Shell); in this case, the duration of the stamped status is the same as casting a fresh buff.

Duration of any existing status is overridden with Stamp (except auto-statuses). Statuses gained after the Stamp action starts charging will not be stamped, so it's impossible to stamp statuses like Confuse and Stop.

The license costs 40 License Points. In the original version Stamp is bought in Archades for 4,500 gil. In the Zodiac versions, Stamp is in a chest in the Rays of Ashen Light area of Mosphoran Highwaste and can be used by the job classes White Mage, Time Battlemage, Machinist, Bushi, and Shikari. The Shikari must first acquire the license for the Esper Exodus, while Bushi must first acquire either the license for the Esper Ultima or Cúchulainn. Reddas also knows the Technick.