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For the defensive stat also called Stamina, see Vitality (stat). For the gameplay element, see Stamina (gameplay mechanic).

Stamina (体力, Tairyoku?) is a recurring statistic in the Final Fantasy series. It usually determines the HP growth of characters.


Final FantasyEdit

Stamina determines the growth rate of other stats.

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Stamina determines the how much HP a character will gain when maximum HP increases after a battle. For example, if a character has 40 Stamina with 1,000 maximum HP, then his/her maximum HP will become 1,040 the moment it rises. Each point of Stamina also increases Magic Defense by 0.5%. Stamina is gained from losing HP in battle.

In earlier versions, Stamina may decrease from frequently using Black Magic.

Final Fantasy IVEdit

Stamina affects defense in battle against physical attacks and can be boosted through the use of Augments.

Final Fantasy VEdit

Stamina is used to calculate maximum HP and healing from Regen status.

The formula for calculating maximum HP is:

$ \mbox{Max HP} = \mbox{Base HP} * \frac{\mbox{Vitality} + 32}{32} $
  • Base HP is based on character Level, HP calculation ignores bonus Stamina from equipment.

The formula for calculating Regen healing is:

$ \mbox{Healing} = \frac{\mbox{Vitality} * \mbox{Level}}{16} $[1]

Monks have the highest Stamina of all jobs.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Stamina determines the character's resistance to Death attacks (see below) and how much health is healed from Regen, as well as how much damage the character takes from Poison, Sap, HP Leak, and how much the character is healed from the Tintinnabulum. Several espers grant Stamina bonuses at level up. It is one of the hardest stats to max out and very few pieces of equipment boosts Stamina.

Monsters do not have a Stamina stat, and instead use the following formula in place of it:

$ \mbox{Stamina} = \frac{\mbox{Max HP}}{512} + 16 $

If this number is greater than 40, then the monster's stamina is 40 instead.

Certain attacks can be blocked by Stamina: Break, Death, Gravity, Graviga, Banish, Tornado, Catoblepas, Odin, Raiden, Antlion, Snare, Banisher, and Gravity Bomb.

The attack's hit rate has an additional step where the game checks if the attack is blocked by Stamina (even if it was already calculated as hitting by the other hit calculation steps): if target's Stamina >= [0..127] the attack misses; otherwise, the attack hits as long as it is calculated as a hit in the rest of the hit determination steps.[2]

Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Stamina returns as a stat except it only benefits chocobos, determining how long they can sprint during the races at Gold Saucer.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant WingsEdit

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Final Fantasy XVEdit

ST represents stamina, which Noctis consumes when he performs actions such as sprinting and point-warping. When the stamina bar runs out, it takes some time to replenish.
—Loading screen

Stamina is represented as a green bar that determines how long Noctis, Ignis, and Prompto can sprint, as well as how long Noctis can hang after point-warping, and climb the steep slope on the Rock of Ravatogh before sliding down. Gladiolus lacks a stamina gauge and can sprint indefinitely.

Stamina depletes gradually, from full to empty after roughly 20 seconds uninterrupted, and fills back up over time. Running into obstacles, stopping abruptly, or vaulting over low barriers may also replenish the gauge. If the player releases the sprint button right as Noctis, Ignis, or Prompto's stamina gauge is about to run out, they will dash forward and it will fully replenish instantly. Two Ascension upgrades add 5 seconds each to Noctis's stamina gauge.

If Noctis runs out of stamina, he will slowly come to a jog, and cannot sprint, warp, hang, or dodge-roll until it replenishes half way. Ignis and Prompto will instead come to a complete halt, but will only have to wait until the bar recharges 1/4 of the way.

Some foods, the Stamina Badge, and the Royal Raiment (No Jacket) attire provide the Endurance buff that grants infinite stamina for sprinting and climbing. The Stamina meter can be hidden from the UI.

Chocobos also have a stamina stat, which can be improved by feeding them Mimett or Sylkis Greens, and by leveling them up.

Final Fantasy AdventureEdit

The Stamina stat will increase Sumo's maximum HP. The higher the number, the more HP Sumo will have. Stamina maxes out at 99 and even if Sumo is under the maximum level and still continues to increase Stamina, it will never increase beyond 99.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

Stamina is used in Field Music Sequences (FMS). Stamina reduces the amount of damage taken if players either miss or get a "Bad" on a note. A character's stamina increases as they level up. It can also be increased by using CollectaCards in the CollectaCard Crystarium.

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