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Staging Point

Staging Point is a Dominion of Rubrum military base in Final Fantasy Type-0. Chapter 6 starts here.


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Class Zero arrives at Staging Point.

When the Militesi-Concordian coalition advances on Rubrum the dominion must split its forces to simultaneously wage war on two fronts. While the Concordian front successfully defends the dominion, the eastern front against the empire is not doing well, and is being beaten back. Three cadets from Class Zero and their class moogle Mog are sent as backup and arrive at Staging Point. Class Zero's commanding officer Kurasame Susaya has been deployed to the front lines by the commandant of the dominion legionaries who holds a grudge against Class Zero, intending Kurasame to perish as punishment for having organized a relief effort for the class earlier. As the cadets arrive at the camp they rush to meet with him.

Kurasame explains that the empire will likely deploy an MA with a crystal jammer, meaning Class Zero will be the only ones able to use magic, and thus become Rubrum's only functional unit. Thus, Kurasame has authorized the cadets to recall their classmates from the Concordian front. Kurasame stresses the cadets are free to choose whoever they want, but reminds them that Rem Tokimiya will not be able to use magic under the influence of the crystal jammer, as she was never augmented by Class Zero's benefactor, Arecia Al-Rashia, being a new recruit into the class.

Kurasame and the cadets give their lives for Caetuna to summon.

Class Zero destroy the empire's crystal jammers and Vermilion Bird Secundus l'Cie Caetuna arrives at the Staging Point. She begins to summon the Verboten Eidolon Alexander while Kurasame and the rest of the cadets present relinquish their phantoma to complete the summoning. Alexander annihilates the Militesi forces while Class Zero evacuates, but Kurasame and the other cadets give their lives while Caetuna enters crystal stasis.

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Arena Training[]

Talking to Moglin lets the player partake in combat simulations on the arena.



Supplies will be scarce in the field. I recommend you stock up while you still have the chance.


The orderly sells the cadets items.


Don't worry: Class Second will wipe out the empire, so you guys can just kick your feet up and relax! Didn't think we'd let you guys have all the fun, did you? By the way, I snagged some supplies from the Armory before I left. Need anything for the road?


Class Second cadet Tachibana sells Armory goods at the Staging Point.