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Stagger is a gameplay mechanic in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth that stuns enemies and makes them vulnerable for increased damage after their gauge is full. It is particularly useful against larger enemies, Enemy Intel battles, and bosses to defeat them faster, taking advantage of the increased damage they receive while staggered (beginning at 160%) and their inability to act.

Each enemy also has a means by which they can be pressured. Pressured enemies' stagger gauges fill significantly quicker, meaning that exploiting their weakness is important to break them.

The state returns from the stagger mechanic in Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Enemies have a stagger meter, which rises when they receive damage. This can be risen higher both using certain abilities, and by pressuring an enemy. When an enemy is staggered, they will be unable to act, and receive bonus damage, starting at 160% of normal damage taken. The bonus damage grants a great opportunity to use powerful attacks to defeat the enemy quickly.

Inflicting the Stop Stop status by casting Stop Stop on a staggered enemy will lock the stagger in place for the duration. Staggering an enemy will also grant bonus Limit generation to the character who staggered it. In addition, certain synergy abilities can extend the stagger duration.

Pressuring enemies[]

Enemies each have different means by which they can be pressured, such as exploiting their elemental weakness or avoiding one of their larger attacks (and the means to do so can be revealed by using Assess Materia Assess Materia, adding it to an enemy's intel). Pressured enemies are staggered much quicker than usual, and some enemies can only be staggered when pressured.

Stagger abilities[]

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Certain abilities increase stagger at a greater rate than others, while others increase the stagger bonus damage while an enemy is currently staggered. The following abilities can increase the stagger gauge at a higher rate, or increase stagger bonus damage:

Ability Description Type
Focused Thrust Significantly increases stagger gauge. Cloud Strife default ability
Focused Shot Significantly increases stagger gauge. Barret Wallace default ability
Bonus Round Enhances the stagger capability of normal attacks. Barret Wallace ability learned from Hi-Caliber Rifle
Whirling Uppercut Increases stagger bonus damage by +5%. Tifa Lockhart default Triangle ability
Omnistrike Increases stagger bonus damage by +25%. Tifa Lockhart second tier Triangle ability
Rise and Fall Increases stagger bonus damage by up to +20%. Tifa Lockhart third tier Triangle ability
Focused Strike Moderately increases stagger gauge. Tifa Lockhart default ability
True Strike Increases stagger bonus damage by +30%. Tifa Lockhart ability learned from Járngreipr
Ray of Judgment Increases stagger bonus damage by up to +20%. Aerith Gainsborough ability learned from Plumose Rod
Moogle Mine Moderately increases stagger gauge. Cait Sith ability learned from Resounding Megaphone
Moogle Knuckle Increases stagger bonus damage by up to +?%. Cait Sith ability learned from Golden Megaphone

Cloud's Infinity's End does increased damage to a staggered enemy.

Increasing the stagger bonus[]

The default stagger bonus is 160% but can be increased by using certain abilities on the staggered enemy, further increasing their damage taken. This is most easily achieved by Tifa: her Unbridled Strength abilities, as well as her True Strike, can each add around 30%. Aerith's Ray of Judgment can do so also, as can Cait Sith's Moogle Knuckle.

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