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Square Enix Europe, formerly Eidos Interactive, is the European subsidiary of Square Enix, with offices in London, England, acquired in 2009.

As Eidos, the company made a name for itself with the Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Deus Ex series of adventure games.

Prior to the Square Enix takeover, Eidos was notable for having ported Final Fantasy VII to Microsoft Windows in 1998 and for the European print of Final Fantasy VIII for Windows in 2000.

Post-takeover, Square Enix Europe managed several studios spread across Europe and North America, with one location in China. Over time, most of these studios have been sold or closed. Its other functions include serving as the European publishing arm of Square Enix and managing the indie publishing subsidiary Square Enix Collective.

As of 2022, there is a pending deal to sell the remaining studios in North America and China along with their IP, refocusing it primarily on its publishing duties, though it may retain some development capacity via Square Enix London Mobile, which is not part of the sale.

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