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A talented SeeD and a member of the select organization which was formed for the purpose of subjugating sorceresses. While carrying out his duty, Squall is afflicted by mysterious dreams which show him a story from the past and the life of a warm and candid man who seems so like and yet unlike himself. These dreams of the past, which seem at first glance to be without significance, soon are revealed to have intimate ties to the tale of Squall's present.
—Online description

Squall is a playable character in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Edit

Ramza appears in the iOS version as a purchasable character.


Level HP Strength Magic Agility Luck
1 242 A A A A
99 6,419 A A A A


Reactive Abilities
Ability Level
Counter (Lv2) Initial
Protect (Lv2) Initial
Fira Level 20
Cura Level 30
Blizzara Level 35
Regen (Lv2) Level 50
Thundara Level 90
Thundaga Level 95
Proactive Abilities
Ability Level
Thoroughbred Level 5
HP Up (Lv2) Level 10
Cheer (Lv2) Level 15
Lance (Lv2) Level 25
Sacrifice (Lv2) Level 40
Hero's Rime (Lv2) Level 45
Brace (Lv2) Level 55
Dash (Lv3) Level 60
Weapon Break (Lv2) Level 65
Dark (Lv3) Level 70
Escape (Lv3) Level 75
Cheer (Lv3) Level 80
Boost (Lv3) Level 85

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Edit

The youngest son of House Beoulve, Ramza always believed that knights existed to protect the weak, but that belief is dashed by tragedy, leading him to discard his great family name and set out to learn where true justice lies...

Ramza is a playable character and the main representative of Final Fantasy Tactics. He can be available from the start by transferring save data from the second demo. However, if the player did not select him among their party of four, or download the demo, he can later be unlocked by collecting Yellow Crystal Shards.

He is a Balance oriented character. His Limit Break, Shout, adds +50 to Strength, Magic, and Agility.


Level CP HP Strength Magic Agility Luck Stamina Spirit
1 8 206 11 11 11 11 12 11
50 ?? ???? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
99 50 5476 137 137 137 137 139 136


Reactive Abilities
Ability CP Level
Cheer (Lv1) 8 Initial
Weapon Break (Lv2) 6 Initial
Chakra (Lv2) 9 Level 5
Haste (Lv2) 11 Level 10
Fira 14 Level 20
Cheer (Lv2) 10 Level 25
Cura 10 Level 30
Armor Break (Lv2) 7 Level 35
Mimic 8 Level 45
Cheer (Lv3) 12 Level 50
Brawler (Lv2) 13 Level 55
Dash (Lv2) 12 Level 70
Protect (Lv2) 15 Level 85
Steal (Lv2) 20 Level 90
Ultima 30 Level 95
Proactive Abilities
Ability CP Level
Sinewy Etude (Lv2) 10 Level 15
Shout 20 Level 40
Shell (Lv2) 13 Level 60
Mighty March (Lv2) 10 Level 65
Hero's Rime (Lv2) 26 Level 75
Sacrifice (Lv2) 10 Level 80

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival Edit

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