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The Sprouts of Devouring is a Collaboration, part of the Final Fantasy Exvius Universe, simultaneously held for the Global versions of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as part of the latter's first anniversary festivities campaign.


The Will of Light senses a strange breed of Malboros causing destruction in the Farplane, and summons Visions as a response to the threat. She summons Rain, Fina, Mont Leonis and Machérie Hourne, both pairs glad to meet their respective partners before greeting the other pair, introducing themselves but wondering why they were summoned and by whom.

The Will of Light appears and reveals her intention in summoning them, and that their intentions to respond to her pleas of help manifested as visions that materialized before her. The visions are confused as to the fact that they are visions but are willing to lend a helping hand to the Will, who explains that a pair of malboros are wreaking havoc in the Farplane and threaten to consume the current world they are at present.

Because the opponents are two monsters, both pairs separate to fight and defeat each one, desiring one another good fortune.

Both parties are able to defeat their respective foes, wondering if the other party succeeded. However, the Malboro each party thought defeated manages to reawaken and flees with both parties giving chase to their targets. The two groups reunite explaining how the Malboros somehow regained their strength to reunite, but are not attacking. Suddenly one of the Malboro devours the other causing a mutation that transforms it into the Malboro Matriarch, so the two parties are forced to fight the new stronger foe together.

The parties fell the monster after a tough battle, after which the Will of Light appears again. The parties ask if the monster has been truly defeated, and she confirms this to be true and that the world will begin to repair by stopping the Malboro. Glad that they were able to help the visions begin to disappear now that their role is fulfilled with both parties wishing they can battle together again. The Will of Light is relieved at the outcome, but wonders whether this is truly the end. As she departs, a mysterious blue flower emerges from the Malboro's corpse.


The event is played in both games separately in a battle against one of the Malboros in order to earn event currency that can be redeemed in each game for unique rewards that differ from one another.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Players face the Cyan Malboro in a single battle that can be done once per day to earn "WOTV Collaboration Malboro Coin". Further quests and cutscenes are added at later dates. "WOTV Collaboration Malboro Coins" can be redeemed for a copy of Mont Leonis' unit, its unit Prism, Mont exclusive Trust and Super Trust Moogles, the Sleep Blade (WotV variant), Super Trust Moogle Exchange Ticket, 5★ Select Summon Ticket amongst others and the newly introduced Anti-Decay Amulet which is the only reward exclusive to this event as all others were obtainable during previous collaborations.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

Players face the Magenta Malboro and a horde of lesser Malboros. There are two quests that can be performed, one is a Level 5 quest that can be performed once per day. The other is a more difficult Level 50 difficulty quest, although this one can be farmed along with its Multi variant.

In all of them the player can earn "EXVIUS UNIVERSE Medals" which can be exchanged in shop for materials like Rainbow Fragment of Rock, Azure Fragment of Rock, Crafting Materials, Books of Refinement, FFBE unit shards in limited quantities amongst many other prizes. The event also drops recipes for the unique Emblem of Devouring accessory.

For the event's 2nd week, new stages with higher difficulties are made available.


Collaboration logo.

As part of the collaboration, several additional promotions are added in both games connecting and referencing one another.

For Brave Exvius, Mont Leonis is offered as a unit to acquire and maximize through event currency. The unique Vision Card "Encounter of Heroes" is given for free through the "Two Heroes, Two Heroines Login Bonus", along rewards such as Summon Tickets, VIP Coins, Lapis, Trascension Pearl and others.

During the battle against the Cyan Malboro, the theme "The Thrones" from War of the Visions plays as the background music. This parallels the use of "Duel!" from Brave Exvius in the other game as the background theme for the quest, with the as of yet unnamed theme of Dark Visions used for new quests added in the second week.

For War of the Visions, the Vision Card "Celebrating Crossed Paths" is offered for free via login rewards. The card has a Bingo challenge that allow the player to acquire the necessary amount of shards to maximize the card along with other rewards like Growth Eggs and Rainbow Vision Spheres to facilitate the task.

Additionally, several Brave Exvius related products are offered. A UR FFBE Unit Guaranteed 10x Summon is offered allowing the player to summon 10 units with a guaranteed UR rarity unit that originally belongs from Brave Exvius. This summon excludes Fryevia and Duane who are both reissued time limited global original units, but that are nonetheless featured in other banners and step-up summons. The Vision Card, Irresistible Darkness is also reissued and has an associated 5 layer step up that guarantees its drop in the final step.

During this time frame the EXVIUS UNIVERSE shop offers "Global Festival Medals B" that can be used to exchange for either unit or Vision Card shards. A single piece is given for free each day, with the bulk of the others obtainable through Paid Visiore. Furthermore, the medals dropped from the event can be exchanged for shards of all Brave Exvius original units, along with the usually very limited Crimson Saber, Purple Lightning and Prunus Lamina and materials for reach respective weapon.

A milestone campaign was also promoted in game and social media for both titles, with multiple tier rewards based on the number of clears on each game.

Behind the scenes[]

Although the event features Rain, Fina, Mont and Machérie as the protagonists of the event, it is only in War of the Visions where all of them are fully playable. Machérie is not available as a unit in Brave Exvius although a sprite was created for her for the event.

Interestingly, despite being a global version only event, it features Japanese voice acting for War of the Visions.