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Sprint is an ability from Final Fantasy XIV that allows characters to run or swim faster. Sprint is available by default to all characters.


Sprint provides characters with a short burst of speed. Out of combat, this can be used to quickly traverse a long distance. The speed boost provided by Sprint also applies while jumping, which can be useful or even necessary to access some areas on foot. Sprint can also be used to counteract most movement speed penalties, and can be used by Rogue Rogues and Ninja Ninjas while under the effects of Hide Hide without cancelling the status.

In combat, Sprint can be used to quickly reposition or get out of an area of effect attack. Sprint is also useful when pulling multiple packs of enemies (chain-pulling), allowing the tank to round up the enemies faster before settling into a defensive position. It is important to note when doing this that Sprint's duration is only 10 seconds in combat versus 20 seconds out of combat, but the duration does not change when applied before the player's combat status is changed. As such, players looking to chain-pull should try to activate Sprint just before engaging any enemies in order to maximize its duration and get into position quicker.

Sprint is an instant cast off-global cooldown (oGCD) action. This allows players to weave it between global cooldowns (GCD) after using instant cast weaponskills or spells. However, Sprint is categorized as a "System" action in the game data. Normally when an action is used while another action is still animating, the new action is added to a queue to be executed after the prior animation is complete. System actions do not get added to this queue, which can make Sprint unresponsive if used while another action is animating. Using a macro with the command line /ac "Sprint" <me> repeated on all lines can improve its responsiveness as it attempts to execute the command several times in succession.

Enhanced by equipment[]

Ability Type Level Effect
Hermes' Shoes Hermes' Shoes Feet 1 Increases sprint duration in city–states.
Strider Boots Strider Boots Feet 1 Increases sprint duration in city–states.

Patch history[]

Version Changes
A Realm Reborn Added with a duration of TP/50s, 30s recast, and consumes all TP.
Patch 3.2 No longer consumes TP in PvP areas.
PvP duration set to 10s.
Stormblood No longer consumes TP.
Duration set to 10s in combat, 20s out of combat.
New class/job-specific animations when sprinting with weapons drawn.
No longer available in PvP.