Template:Dissidia Character Spiritus is a god of magic who appears in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. He opposes Materia, and is known as the Savage God of Destruction and as Genesis of Destruction.



Spiritus has long white hair, dark skin, yellow eyes, and a muscular build. His torso is stripped bare and he wears no shoes. Dark facial markings run across his arms, beneath his eyes, and the sides of his mouth. He wears dark trousers similar to that of hakama, with intricate designs fastened with a blue-and-white striped cord and a red sash. He wields an an enormous, ornate broadsword with a curved blade as its head.

Spiritus's trousers allude to his role as God of Magic. They have flames representing fire magic, gusts of wind representing wind magic, mountains representing earth magic, and snowflakes representing ice magic. The black parts could allude to the gravity magic commonly related to dark magic. Thunder magic, water magic and white magic, are not represented in his design.


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I knew as little as you! And there is no shame in that. If we are to grow, however, we must ensure that our world grows with us.


Despite declaring that World B "can only be tamed by a crueler heart," Spiritus is not malevolent, but willingly plays the role of a villain for the sake of combating Materia to keep World B safe. As noted by Garland, Spiritus is level-headed and reasonable, as "he is not so single-minded as to let a petty feud cloud his better judgement," and allows Materia's warriors into his domain in order to establish contact with her. He admonishes Materia for her "quarrelsome posturing" when she accuses him of attempting to turn her champions against her and exhibits a degree of humility when he admits that he was unaware of the threat that Shinryu poses to World B. In spite of their shared desire to protect World B, Materia treats Spiritus with contempt, though he takes her behavior towards him in stride and even encourages her to show him no mercy in their efforts to generate battle energy to sustain the world.


When World B collapsed, everything it contained was erased from existence, including Chaos's soul, which was still wandering through the lands after his defeat at the hands of Comsos's warriors. However, Chaos's will survived and eventually took form, and thus, Spiritus was born.[1]

Spiritus summoned ten champions to fight each other to generate battle energy to sustain World B. Once all of his champions are gathered at his tower, Spiritus interrupts Materia's meeting with her warriors to declare that he rules World B, instigating the conflict between them.

Due to the two gods' apparent lack of knowledge of each other and of World B, many of Materia's champions set out in search of answers of Spiritus's and Materia's origins. After Garland informs the Warrior of Light, Cecil, and Noctis that Spiritus desires to protect World B, he leads the heroes to Spiritus's tower to ask him to use his magic to contact Materia to apprise her of the threat of the planesgorgers. At Materia's tower, Shantotto opens communications with Spiritus as the group arrive to speak with him. Materia accuses Spiritus for attempting to turn her warriors against her, but Spiritus demands she ceases her "quarrelsome posturing" and has the Cloud of Darkness inform her that Shinryu is the true cause of loss of energy on World B.

Spiritus and Materia form a temporary truce to stage a battle to lure out Shinryu. When enough battle energy is generated to lure Shinryu out, Spiritus joins Materia and all of their champions in a joint attack against the dragon. They are repelled as Shinryu reveals its true form and attacks them.

Once Shinryu is defeated, the gods restore the world and the champions are sent home after imbuing their memories in crystals to serve on the gods' behalf. Later, Spiritus speaks with Materia, who affirms she will vanquish him once World B has enough energy to sustain itself, and Spiritus likewise declares to have Materia submit to his rule. With Materia in agreement to begin a new war to ensure the world's survival, Spiritus summons crystal doppelgängers of Garland, Sephiroth, Ultimecia to fight Materia's doppelgängers of the Warrior of Light, Noctis, and Lightning.

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Creation and development


Spiritus is voiced by Issei Takahashi.[2] He is voiced by Ben Robson in the English version.

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Dissidia NT
Dissidia Opera Omnia


Spiritus means "spirit" in Latin.


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