Spirit Surge (Lancet in the Japanese version), is the special job ability for Dragoons in Final Fantasy XI. The Dragoon's wyvern's is automatically dismissed, and in exchange the Dragoon receives the following benefits for a duration of 60 seconds: Jump weakens a foe's defense; High Jump reduces a foe's TP proportionate to damage inflicted; Super Jump causes other party members in close proximity to have their enmity halved; the recast timers to all three Jumps are immediately reset; an HP boost of roughly 15%; HP and TP of Wyvern transferred to the Dragoon; boosts to Strength and Accuracy; and most noticeably Haste +25% (counted as job ability Haste).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When the Dragoon job was first released, its special job ability ability was Call Wyvern. That ability has since been reduced to a 20-minute recast and Spirit Surge has become the Dragoon's new special job ability. Nearly all enemy Dragoons use Call Wyvern as their special job ability, however, rather than Spirit Surge.
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