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Spirit (精神, Seishin?), also called Will, is a recurring stat in some of the Final Fantasy series and it has had various uses. In some games it acts as the game's Magic Defense, but in others it can affect the outcomes of spells and other skills.


Final Fantasy II[]

Spirit is a measure of the character's White Magic spell potency. The Spirit stat is increased by using White Magic spells in combat.

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Final Fantasy IV[]

Spirit ("Will" on the SNES) is a measure of White Magic ability. The higher the stat is, the more powerful White Magic spells are. Rosa Joanna Farrell has the highest Spirit stat in the game. The base spell multiplier is Spirit/4 + 1.

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Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-[]

The higher the Spirit stat is, the more powerful White Magic spells are.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years[]

The higher the Spirit stat is, the more powerful White Magic spells are.

Final Fantasy VII[]

Spirit determines defense against magic attacks. Spirit is a stat used to calculate a character's Magic Defense. The player's overall Magic Defense was intended to be a sum of the character's Spirit stat and the MDef value of their armor. However, due to a bug in the coding, the MDef value is not used and Spirit alone determines the character's Magic Defense, until the bug was finally fixed for the 2012 PC re-release.

When Spirit is maxed out at 255 the character takes roughly half damage from magical attacks, compared to if their Spirit was 0. Piercing magical attacks ignore the target's Magic Defense, but there are only a few in the whole game, such as Pandora's Box and Mega Flare.

Spirit can be upgraded with the Mind Source item and by equipping certain accessories. The stat will naturally grow as the characters level up. Differences between characters are small, but Barret has the lowest natural Spirit of all playable characters, and Aeris has the highest. The amount a character's natural Spirit stat goes up per level up is randomized, but the game is programmed so that characters can never stray too far from the intended average.

Character Minimum Spirit Maximum Spirit
Cloud 93 100
Tifa 89 96
Aeris 98 100
Barret 82 89
Red XIII 89 96
Cid 83 90
Yuffie 86 93
Vincent 93 100
Cait Sith 93 100

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-[]

The Spirit stat determines the amount of damage taken from magic attacks. It may be improved by equipping Materia that give stat boosts or accessories. The player can add to the Materia's Spirit stat with Materia Fusion and by using items during the Fusion that add to Spirit.

Zack's base Spirit stat is a fixed number and depends on his level. After level 75 the Spirit growth halts and grows only a little bit.[1]

Level Spirit Level Spirit Level Spirit Level Spirit
6 16 30 37 54 52 78 60
7 17 31 38 55 52 79 60
8 18 32 39 56 53 80 60
9 19 33 39 57 53 81 60
10 20 34 40 58 53 82 60
11 21 35 41 59 54 83 60
12 23 36 42 60 55 84 61
13 24 37 43 61 55 85 61
14 24 38 43 62 56 86 61
15 25 39 44 63 56 87 61
16 26 40 44 64 56 88 61
17 27 41 45 65 56 89 61
18 28 42 45 66 57 90 61
19 28 43 46 67 57 91 61
20 29 44 46 68 57 92 61
21 30 45 47 69 57 93 61
22 31 46 47 70 58 94 61
23 31 47 48 71 58 95 61
24 33 48 49 72 59 96 62
25 34 49 50 73 59 97 62
26 35 50 50 74 59 98 62
27 35 51 51 75 60 99 62
28 36 52 51 76 60
29 37 53 52 77 60

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Spirit measures the ability to defend against magical attacks. The characters' base stats are low and increase only a little by leveling up. Rinoa has the highest base Spirit, and Zell the lowest.

The main way to upgrade a character's Spirit is to junction magic to the stat via the Guardian Forces' Spr-J ability. A number of GFs learn the ability naturally, and the Spr-J Scroll can also be purchased from Pet Shops to teach the ability to any GF. The best spells to junction to Spirit are Ultima, Full-Life, or Reflect. The GFs also learn Spirit Plus % abilities, which boost the character's Spirit by a fixed percent when equipped.

Another way to boost Spirit is to use Leviathan's or Cactuar's Spr Bonus ability, which adds +1 to Spirit when the character levels up. The player can also Devour a high-level Malboro for permanent +1 Spirit boost. The Spr Up item also adds +1 to the character's base Spirit, but is a rare item, although it's possible to refine it with Doomtrain's Forbidden Med-RF ability.

The Vit 0 status effect reduces the target's Vitality and Spirit to 0, making them absolutely vulnerable to damage.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Spirit affects many things in gameplay, many invisible to the player.


Spirit affects the amount of damage dealt with Thief Swords and Knight Swords.

Spirit affects the accuracy rate of Zidane's Steal command (although the effect is minor and bypassed when Bandit is equipped) and Vivi's Meteor spell, and affects the characters' Counterattack and critical hit chances.

Spirit also affects the outcomes of magic spells and other skills. Life, Full-Life, Revive command and Phoenix revive the character with more HP the higher their Spirit. Spare Change deals more damage the higher Amarant's Spirit.

The character reaches Trance faster the higher their Spirit, especially with High Tide equipped. Trance also lasts longer the higher the character's Spirit.

Status effect duration[]

Spirit determines the duration of a status effect; positive status effects last longer the higher the character's Spirit, while negative status effects wear off faster the higher the character's Spirit. It also affects status effects that have a delayed effect, like Regen and Poison; the higher the character's Spirit, the more often does Regen heal the character, and the less frequently does Poison sap their HP.

The effect duration for status spells and attacks is decided by the target's Spirit, the status given, and the target's current status (Haste, Slow, or none). First, a time limit is established by multiplying the target's Spirit by the base limit of the status.

Protect: Spirit * 360
Shell: Spirit * 360
Regen: Spirit * 360
Reflect: Spirit * 320
Haste: Spirit * 320
Float: Spirit * 240
Vanish: Spirit * 240
Slow: (60 - Spirit) * 320
Poison: (60 - Spirit) * 240
Sleep: (60 - Spirit) * 200
Doom: (60 - Spirit) * 200
Gradual Petrify: (60 - Spirit) * 200
Freeze: (60 - Spirit) * 160
Heat: (60 - Spirit) * 160

Doom and Gradual Petrify are worsened by high Spirit.

The time limit will decrease by a rate of deduction dictated by the target's current status. When the time limit expires, the status is removed, or, in the case of Doom and Gradual Petrify, the afflicted are incapacitated. Rates of deduction are dictated by the Battle Speed setting chosen in the Config menu.

Max Battle Speed:

  • 9 per 4/60th second in Slow status
  • 14 per 4/60th second normally
  • 21 per 4/60th second in Haste status

Medium Battle Speed:

  • 6 per 4/60th second in Slow status
  • 10 per 4/60th second normally
  • 15 per 4/60th second in Haste status

Slow Battle Speed:

  • 5 per 4/60th second in Slow status
  • 8 per 4/60th second normally
  • 12 per 4/60th second in Haste status

The duration in seconds of a status's effect can be determined by Time limit / Deduction per second.

For delayed effect statuses a secondary "hit" timer is established that acts as spacer between the addition or subtraction of Hit Points. The hit timer follows the same rate of deduction as the status's time limit. Venom is not a timed status and therefore is not removed until cured.

Regen: (60 - Spirit) * 40
Poison: Spirit * 40
Venom: Spirit * 80

To derive a hits-to-Spirit formula from this information, it must be noted that each hit timer reset has the effect of an extra deduction from the duration timer. When less remains of the hit timer than can be wholly deducted from, that, too, must be accounted for. It is quite possible that neither will make a difference to how many hits the target will receive in most cases, but for the sake of technical accuracy, it means that two formulas are required.

If the hit timer is evenly divisible by the rate of deduction, this formula can be used to calculate how many hits will be given:

[Time limit / (Hit timer + Rate of deduction)]

If the hit timer is not evenly divisible by the rate of deduction, the formula requires some extra steps:

[Time limit / (Hit timer + (R.o.d. * 2) - (Hit timer MOD R.o.d.))]

How a character's Spirit value is determined[]

Formula for Spirit:


The SprBase values differ from character to character, but never change. The SprBonus is the only way the player can affect the Spirit growth and every level the bonus goes up by a rate that's worked out from the character's current stat increases. For example, if the character has equipment that gives 3 extra Spirit, then SprBonus will go up 3 every time they level up. In addition the SprBonus will go up by 1 per level. Zidane has the highest base Spirit of all characters, and Quina the lowest, but it is possible to max out everyone's Spirit to the highest possible value of 50.

Final Fantasy XV[]

Spirit reduces the damage done by magical attacks, including the elemental effects of the player's Elemancy. Spirit can be modified by equipping certain accessories, purchasing Spirit Level from the Ascension Grid and by eating certain foods.

In Final Fantasy XV: Comrades, Spirit also affects the potency of healing spells.

Final Fantasy Adventure[]

Will increases the speed of the gauge allowing the Will Bar to fill up quicker. Will maxes out at 99 and even if Sumo is under the maximum level and still continues to increase Will, it will never increase beyond 99.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light[]

Spirit determines the power of healing spells. Healing jobs, such as the White Mage, thus have the highest Spirit stat. When in animal form the characters' Spirit is reduced to 70% of their normal, unless they equip the Beastmaster job, which doubles their power in animal form.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

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Final Fantasy Explorers[]

Spirit determines how effective healing spells are. It does not affect Regen.

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