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Spiracorn is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought in Cleigne and during hunts. There are two hunts for the beasts. Spiracorns stay in herds and sometimes cross roads in creature crossings.


Herbivore sporting an entwined pair of spiral horns jutting out from its forehead. Like its cousin the mesmenir, the spiracorn is innately wary of mankind, making domestication and riding unfeasible, though some features indicate the species may at one time have been selectively bred as destriers.
Size: 14.53 ft. Weight: 1.34 t
Spiracorn upon whose head a bounty rests. Spiracorn behaviors vary by team: some centering around larger leaders, some focused on expansion, and so on. On the whole, however, the breed instinctively eschews uniformity.
Size: 14.69 ft. Weight: 1.38 t


Untamed Wild HorsesCoernix Station - Alstor3
Red Hunt Icon.png
Spiracorn x7Alstor Slough (Daytime)253,870 gil, Megalixir★★
The Last SpiracornsOld Lestallum1
Red Hunt Icon.png
Duplicorn x2, Spiracorn x3Lower Wennath (Daytime)294,610 gil, Megalixir★★






Gil farming

Spiracorns can be used to farm gil if the player can efficiently break their horns. Locking onto the horns and warp-striking to them often works, and many royal arms and the Cerberus are good weapons for breaking off enemy appendages.

The player doesn't need to kill anything so as long as they break the horns. By not killing the Spiracorns, they will respawn without camping.


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