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The Spikes is an enemy from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. They are difficult enemies to deal with as they have a high chance to block physical attacks, which leaves the player open to being attacked by either them or surrounding enemies.

Later versions of Spikes will have access to a spin attack and will be able to cast the Quake spell, making them even more dangerous. It is highly recommended to deal with them by picking them up and immediately throwing them, then attacking them while they are down. In a group of enemies, they should be dealt with first to rid the battlefield of their annoying defensive nature. Starting from Library 3 onwards, Spikes can shoot needles and they will look more pale than before. Starting from Gate, Spikes can use a spin attack to knock back players.

Much like in Ring of Fates, the player cannot jump on Spikes as it'll only damage them slightly.


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