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Yuna, Rikku and Paine as sphere hunters.

Sphere hunters are groups of people in Final Fantasy X-2. After the Eternal Calm people can explore Spira without having to worry about Sin, and discovered many spheres hidden around the world, each with a different story to tell. To learn of the history of Spira, many groups of sphere hunters emerged.


The first sphere hunters appeared around six months after the onset of the Eternal Calm[1] when a man called Trema formed an organization called The Seekers whose goal was looking for ancient spheres. Trema didn't want to reveal past mistakes of Yevon, and with this he could control Spirans holding them in ignorance.

This practice created much controversy within Spira, and opposing movements—such as Nooj's Youth League—sprang forward to claim the ancients spheres belong to everyone in Spira and the people have the right to know about the world's history. Brother, together with his friend Buddy, formed the Gullwings, and they often end up competing against the Leblanc Syndicate, a rival sphere hunting group. Both groups use Sphere Oscillo-finders to seek out leads to ancient spheres.

List of sphere huntersEdit

  • Gullwings
  • Leblanc Syndicate
  • Kinderguardians
  • The Seekers
  • Grannies (met in Zanarkand in Chapter 1)
  • Vulturewings (met in Zanarkand in Chapter 1)
  • Hunchbacked Hellions (met in Zanarkand in Chapter 1)
  • Lightning Corps (Barbatos Creature creator Fiend Tale International/HD Remaster only)


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