Spencer is a character from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He lives in Aquaria with his granddaughter Phoebe. He is digging a tunnel in hopes of reaching the lake. Unfortunately, the Crystal of Water comes under the control of the Ice Golem and Aquaria freezes over, trapping Spencer in his tunnel. Phoebe recruits Benjamin's aid and the two work together to finally defeat the Ice Golem, allowing the ice to melt and Spencer to escape his tunnel.

Later, Benjamin brings Tristam to meet Spencer, and learning that Tristam loves treasure hunts, he recruits the mercenary to accompany him on such a hunt. As he leaves his tunnel, Phoebe, frustrated by her grandfather's failure to finish the tunnel, attempts to finish it for him, but this backfires, as she is a very bad demolitionist. Spencer's Place caves in, and Phoebe rushes off to find Spencer.

He along with Tristam can later be found sitting at a table in the Hotel in Fireburg where if spoken to Spencer. Benjamin will let him know that the tunnel caved in and Phoebe is looking for him. Spencer will said that he'll head back to Aquaria. Spencer later returns and resumes his work despite the setback.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Spencer is called Jack in the Japanese version. Jack is a male given name and sometimes as a surname. In English it is traditionally used as the diminutive form of the name John, though it is also often given as a proper name in its own right.

The name Jack is unique in the English language for the frequency of its use as a verb and a noun for many common objects and actions; and also its use in many compound words and phrases: jack-of-all-trades, jackknife, jackpot, jack tar, hijack, union jack, jack straw (scarecrow), apple jack, lumberjack, jackhammer, jackdaw, jack o'lantern, jack-off, jack-in-the-box, jack of clubs (playing cards), etc. The varied uses are traceable to the common use of the word as a by-name of a man.

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