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FFIX Sword Magic

Adelbert Steiner using Sword Magic in Final Fantasy IX.

Spellblade (魔法剣 / まほうけん, Mahōken?), also known as MgcSwrd, Magic Blade, Sword Magic, Magic Sword, and Swd Mag, is a recurring command ability, usually associated with the Mystic Knight class. It allows characters to cast spells to their weapons in order to give physical attacks elemental, status, and other properties.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

In the 3D version, Cid Pollendina has an ability called Upgrade, which allows him to use certain battle items to give his hammers elemental properties. This could be considered a rough example of the traditional Spellblade ability.

Final Fantasy VEdit

FFV Spellblade Icon iOS

The Spellblade ability is the command ability of the Mystic Knight class. Each level allows for new spells to be taught. Most Black Magic spells can be taught, as well as the White Magic spells Silence and Holy.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-Edit

Various Materia allow Zack to attack and endow his weapon with status or elemental properties. With the exception of Drain Blade, Power Drain, Osmose Blade and Power Osmose, these Materia types cost MP to use rather than AP. Zack can also equip items that add status ailments and elemental properties to his normal attacks.

Name Effect Cost
Fire Blade Attack and do minor fire-elemental damage. 8 MP
Blizzard Blade Attack and do minor ice-elemental damage. 8 MP
Thunder Blade Attack and do minor lightning-elemental damage. 8 MP
Fira Blade Attack and do moderate fire-elemental damage. 16 MP
Blizzara Blade Attack and do moderate ice-elemental damage. 16 MP
Thundara Blade Attack and do moderate lightning-elemental damage. 16 MP
Firaga Blade Attack and do heavy fire-elemental damage. 32 MP
Blizzaga Blade Attack and do heavy ice-elemental damage. 32 MP
Thundaga Blade Attack and do heavy lightning-elemental damage. 32 MP
Poison Blade Attack and inflict Poison. 6 MP
Silence Blade Attack and inflict Silence. 6 MP
Stop Blade Attack and inflict Stop. 8 MP
Death Blade Attack and inflict Instant Death. 8 MP
Dispel Blade Attack and remove status buffs. 8 MP
Drain Blade Attack and absorb small amount of HP. 8 AP
Power Drain Attack and absorb large amount of HP. 12 AP
Osmose Blade Attack and absorb small amount of MP. 2 AP
Power Osmose Attack and absorb large amount of MP. 6 AP

Genesis has also been shown to have the ability to enchant his Rapier with Fire magic.

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

While not a command outright, the Guardian Force abilities ST-Atk and Elem-Atk can be junctioned to any character, adding elemental or status properties to that character's physical attack.

Status-attack effectiveness is calculated by the following formula:

If (StatusDefense >= 200) Target doesn't get the status
else: Infliction% = AttackerStr / 4 - TargetVit / 4
Infliction% = Infliction% - StatusDefense + StatusAttack
StatusDefense and StatusAttack start at 100 (0%).

When an elemental spell is junctioned to Elem-Atk, the character can deal bonus damage (see here).

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Use magic with sword.

Steiner can use Sword Magic as long as Vivi is in the party. Abilities become available when Vivi learns the corresponding Black Magic spell. Steiner cannot use this if Vivi is under the Silence status.

Sword Magic are physical attacks that raise Steiner's weapon's attack power and give it the spell's element. The attack ignores the target's Protect and cannot be used if either Steiner or Vivi are under Mini. Only Steiner's MP is consumed.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Many of the attacks from Skill carry a status-inducing ailment, the majority of which Wakka initially learns.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

The Warrior dressphere has six elemental physical attacks in the Swordplay skillset.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

A Dancer, can apply an Aspir/Drain effect to their attacks through Dances as well as an effect similar to Haste. There are other jobs able to give more traditional effects however; Red Mages can enchant their weapon with En- spells to give their attacks additional elemental damage corresponding to the main 6 elements; Paladins can cast Enlight to give their weapon added Light damage, and Dark Knights can cast Endark to add Dark damage to their attacks. In addition to these, Rune Fencers gain Rune Enchantments to deal additional elemental damage of any of the eight types in the game as well as providing other effects.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

The Ravager role grants the use of elemental "strike" attacks that deal physical elemental damage. While Lightning and Fang can learn all four of these attacks, Sazh can only learn Flamestrike and Sparkstrike opposing to Snow, who can only learn Froststrike and Aquastrike.

Ravager abilities:

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

The Ravager role has access to Flamstrike, Froststrike, Sparkstrike, and Galestrike, a Wind-elemental physical attack. Both Serah and Noel can learn all four elemental physical attacks.

Some recruitable Ravager monsters have access to some of the four elemental area-of-effect physical abilities: Fire Blitz, Ice Blitz, Electric Blitz, and Aero Blitz.

The Shaman role, exclusive to Lightning in the "Requiem for the Goddess" DLC scenario, gives her access to three powerful Wind-elemental physical attacks: a modified Galestrike, Windstorm and Bladestorm.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Beowulf Cadmus and Aliste Rosenheim can use Spellblade with the special Templar job. The spells are not offensive Black Magic, but instead more powerful versions of the Mystic Arts spells, which inflict a myriad of status effects. Beowulf and Aliste must be wielding a sword in order to use the Spellblade abilities. The Celebrant class has 5 Spellblade abilities in the Priest Magicks action ability. A sword must be wield by Zalmour and Bremondt Freitberg for them to be able to use the abilities.

It should be noted that all Spellblade's quotes were left disabled as Dummied content, but the data exists within the game.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

The Gladiator job can use Spellblade Tech. This action ability contains physical attacks and elemental attacks.

Final Fantasy Tactics SEdit

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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

The Spell Fencer job class uses Magic Sword to change the element of the user's weapon to one of any of the Black Magic spells the user has for 1 AP, like Fire, Quake, and their upgraded tiers, like Firaga and Quaga.

It does not work with the following spells and their upgrades:

The Spell Fencer also has access to Mystic Sword, which is an upgraded version of Magic Sword, which costs 2 AP. Unlike other games in the series, damage inflicted by Magic Sword does not grow stronger by casting higher level spells.

Bravely DefaultEdit

Sword Magic is the Spell Fencer's fixed job command. In order to use a certain Sword Magic ability, the equivalent Black Magic needs to be purchased/learned first.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Magic Blade is the level 16 ability of the Red Mage class, and allows the user to attack with different elemental and status abilities. It requires 2 slots to equip and use, and also requires buying the associated magic spell in order to use each ability separately. All Magic Blade abilities targets one target.

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Bartz uses Spellblade as part of his EX Burst, enchanting two each of his eight weapons with one of the four elements corresponding to the Crystals to attack enemies.

Numerous other characters use their weapons to channel magic, most prominently Garland, who infuses his sword with elemental properties when using HP attacks.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Bartz's EX Burst is the same as in the original game, using Spellblade to enchant his weapons before attacking. Other characters individually enchant their swords with magic to attack.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

In lieu of Bartz's appearance in the Dissidia series, his special attack remains Spellblade - Dual Wield - Rapid Fire, based on a set-up of abilities from Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

One of Krile's cards can use Spellblade [Fira] and Spellblade [Thundara]. Spellblade [Fira] requires the discard of another Krile card and the payment of two Fire CP, and deals 5000 damage to each Forward the opponent controls. Spellblade [Thundara] is activated by discarding a Krile card, Dulling Krile, and paying two Thunder CP, and Breaks up to two of the opponent's Forwards that have been dealt damage that turn.

Steiner can use Flare Sword, costing two Light CP and the discard of another Steiner card. Flare Sword switches the player's Vivi from Active to Dull, then deals 10,000 damage to a Forward of the player's choice.



A spell, charm or hex is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, which are considered by its user to invoke some magical effect. Historical attestations exist for the use of some variety of incantations in many cultures around the world.

Magic or sorcery is an attempt to understand, experience and influence the world using rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces.

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