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Follow up a spell with an attack for extra damage!

In-game description.

Spell Fencer is a crown in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light obtained by defeating Asmodeus at the Quicksand Castle.

The crown's special ability allows the Spell Fencer to follow up a spell with an attack for extra damage, but the user's weapon must be the same element as the spell that was used. The only magic spells that can be used for this are Fire, Water, Aero, Quake and their -ra and -ga forms (Blizzard cannot be used even though it is Water element). The Spell Fencer is a powerful warrior that fuses spells into their weapons. Its abilities are useful when facing enemies that are weak to a certain element. Unlike other games in the series, damage inflicted by Magic Sword does not grow stronger by casting higher level spells.

The crown's third ability, Magic Thwart, allows the party to avoid all damage from enemy spells. The crown's final ability, Magic Infuse, is a powerful attack that allows the user to strike twice with magic and a physical attack. The character Krinjh joins the player's party as a Spell Fencer. The job's special armor, Spell Fencer Armor, provides a 10% boost to the user's Strength and Intellect.


HP Strength Intellect Spirit
1.3 1.4 1.3 1.0

Short Sword Sword Bow Staff Spear Axe Book Harp

Offensive Magic Recovery Magic Evade Magic Evade


Name Description AP Gems Needed Image
Magic Sword Change weapon element. 1 None Magic Sword.png
Mystic Sword Change weapon element—Stronger version of Magic Sword. 2 Ruby ×5
Emerald ×5
Mystic Sword.png
Magic Thwart Nullify enemy spells for four turns. 3 Ruby ×6
Topaz ×2
Aquamarine ×6
Amethyst ×1
Magic Thwart.png
Magic Infuse Cast an attack spell and strike with the equipped weapon at the same time. 3 Ruby ×7
Sapphire ×7
Lapis ×3
Amethyst ×2
Diamond ×1
Magic Infuse.png



A spell, charm or hex is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, which are considered by its user to invoke some magical effect. Historical attestations exist for the use of some variety of incantations in many cultures around the world.