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Spell (まほう, Mahō?, lit. Magic) is a command in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest that allows the user to use spells found in the schools of magic. The magic system doesn't e MP, but instead Magic Left and all spells cost 1 to cast.

Magic works differently than with other Final Fantasy games. Magic is not bought or learned as Benjamin levels up, but is learned by finding spellbooks around the world. There are twelve spells divided into three schools of magic. At the maximum level 41, Benjamin can have 43 White, 21 Black, and 10 Wizard spells. While Benjamin can learn all spells, allies have their spells set and cannot learn more through gameplay, although their repertoire have increased in the space of their absence between their first and second appearances in the party.

List of spells[]

White Magic[]

White Magic can be use defensively (for ally) or offensively (for enemy).

The formula for recover is:

Spell Image Artwork Spell Power Found
Exit MQExitIcon.PNG FFMQ Exit Book Artwork.jpg Battlefield north of Libra Temple
Field: Warps the party to the overworld map.
Battle: Removes one enemy from battle. Benjamin gains no experience and gold from the removed enemy. Has no effect on bosses.
Cure MQCureIcon.PNG FFMQ Cure Book Artwork.jpg 50 Foresta
Field: Restores HP to target.
Battle: Zombie-elemental attack to undead enemies. Can be repelled, but will have no effect on the party.
Heal MQHealIcon.PNG FFMQ Heal Book Artwork.jpg Falls Basin
Field: Removes status ailments from target.
Battle: Can either inflict Poison, Confusion, Sleep, Paralyze, or Petrify on a single enemy.
Life MQLifeIcon.PNG FFMQ Life Book Artwork.jpg Lava Dome
Field: Fully restores a Fatal party member's HP. When used on living party member, fully restores HP and status. Does not heal status when used outside of battle.
Battle: Inflicts Fatal on a single enemy due to an error. In the Japanese and European version, the bug is fixed, inflicting Fatal to undead enemies only.

Black Magic[]

The damage formula for Black Magic spells is:

Spell Image Artwork Spell Power Found
Quake MQQuakeIcon.PNG FFMQ Quake Book Artwork.jpg 25*3 Bone Dungeon
Earth-elemental attack, target all enemies only. Can be repelled.
Blizzard MQBlizzardIcon.PNG FFMQ Blizzard Book Artwork.jpg 135 Focus Tower
Water-elemental attack, can target one or all enemies. Can be repelled.
Fire MQFireIcon.PNG FFMQ Fire Book Artwork.jpg 85 Focus Tower
Fire-elemental attack, can target one or all enemies. Can be repelled.
Aero MQAeroIcon.PNG FFMQ Aero Book Artwork.jpg 235 Focus Tower
Wind-elemental attack, can target one or all enemies. Can be repelled.

Wizard Magic[]

The damage formula for Wizard Magic spells is:

Spell Image Artwork Spell Power Found
Thunder MQFlareIcon.PNG FFMQ Thunder Medallion Artwork.jpg 180 Battlefield far west of Fireburg
Powerful Thunder-elemental attack, only wizard spell that can target one or all enemies. Can be repelled.
White MQWhiteIcon.PNG FFMQ White Medallion Artwork.jpg 140*3 Volcano
Powerful Non-elemental attack. Can be repelled.
Meteor MQMeteorIcon.PNG FFMQ Meteor Medallion Artwork.jpg 170*3 Giant Tree
Powerful Earth-elemental attack that hits all enemies. Can be repelled.
Flare MQThunderIcon.PNG FFMQ Flare Medallion Artwork.jpg 200*3 Pazuzu's Tower
Powerful Fire-elemental attack. Can be repelled.



A spell, charm or hex is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, which are considered by its user to invoke some magical effect. Historical attestations exist for the use of some variety of incantations in many cultures around the world.