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The GLADIATOR calls on this peculiar mix of sword and sorcery.


Sparring is a skillset for Gladiators from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

List of abilities[]

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Rush Sweep Blade Weapon range 100
Attack with staggering force, knocking the target back.
Wild Swing Ogun Blade All sides 250
Spin in a tight circle with weapon outheld, damaging surrounding units.
Beat Down Shadow Blade Weapon range 250
An all-out attack that deals heavy damage, but with a reduced chance to hit.
Blitz Sun Blade Weapon range 250
Take the measure of the target before attacking. Increases chance to hit but deals less damage.
Fire Soul Flametongue 1 300 4
Send ball of flame hurtling towards the target. Deal fire damage.
Thunder Assault Air Blade 1 300 4
Strike the target with a bolt of lightning. Deals lightning damage.
Blizzard Tackle Icebrand 1 300 4
Impale the target on a massive shard of ice. Deals ice damage.
Ultima Sword Materia Blade Weapon range 990 32
Derived from the most powerful of magicks, this is the ultimate sparring ability.