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Sparkshears is an enemy in Final Fantasy XV fought during The Gourmands of Vannath hunt.

A Lv.32 sparkshears also appears in the Leide League and All-Star Monster Mayhem of the Totomostro. Its team name is Galviano Gore Club.


Crimson-colored subspecies of stoneshears. It swings its claw skyward with a flash of red light, then sends it crashing back down to crush opponents. This carnivorous crustacean has been known to prey on any who approach, causing concern among beachgoers.
Size: 16.86 ft. Weight: 5.73 t


The Gourmands of VannathGaldin Quay1
Red Hunt Icon
Sparkshears x3Vannath Coast (All Times)173,040 gil, Megalixir★★



The rock and the cliffside on the huntsground can be used for point-warping. Sparkshears is weak to greatswords, shields, and ice. It attacks those in front of it with its pincers and some of its attacks can be blocked and parried.


Positioning behind the crabs lets the player deal blindside-strikes and, hopefully, blindside links. If fighting among the crabs as Noctis, the player should be ready with the defense button to respond to blocks and parries. Noctis can point-warp to the cliffside and then warp-strike with a greatsword from there. If available, the player could also character-swap to Gladiolus.



Spark may refer to a small glowing particle/ember or an electric spark, usually with a flash and a sharp noise.

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