Space Dreams is a time-limited event where Cid from Final Fantasy VII can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 10.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Junk Salvager:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 10: Abandoned Petalum before playing.

  • Vaan: You alright, Cloud? You don't look so good.
  • Cloud: It's nothing... Don't worry about it.
  • Vincent: He's just airsick.
  • Sazh: Aw, man! Even you get sick?
  • Sazh: ...But I was at the helm. Sorry about that.
  • Cloud: It's not your fault.
  • Vaan: Leave the flying to me next time! I'll give you a smoother ride than Sazh's!
  • Cloud: Please. Don't make things worse.
  • Vaan: Tsk, figures... Huh?
  • Vaan: Is someone rummaging around over there?
  • Vincent: That's a familiar backside.
  • Cloud: Yeah, it is. ...C'mon.

  • ???: No good... No good... No good, either...
  • ???: $#&%! Nothing but a pile of junk!
  • Cloud: Cid!

(Cid runs to the party)

  • Cid: Cloud! Vincent! Where the hell'd you two run off to?
  • Vincent: What were you doing there?
  • Cid: Huh? Trying to cobble together something to get me airborne, of course.
  • Sazh: From scratch!?
  • Cid: Natch! Need some way to track down and reconnect with my group.
  • Cloud: In that case, you're all set. Here we are.
  • Cid: Huh? I guess so, but...
  • Vaan: Look out! Behind you!
  • Vincent: It appears a Torsion was buried under that rubble.
  • Cid: The hell's a "Torsion"?
  • Cloud: We'll explain after we take care of those things.
Eyes on the Skies:
  • Cid: ...You don't say. A whole new world, huh?
  • Yuffie: Gee, you caught on faster than I'd expect you to.
  • Tifa: I don't think he's giving it all that much thought...
  • Cid: Alright! Let's build a big ol' airship and fly on back home!
  • Tifa: See?
  • Sazh: Cid, listen. If it's a big airship you want we've got ya covered.
  • Cid: That so? Even if you do, I'm warning you, I can be a bit stubborn when it comes to these things.
  • Cid: We've got the world's best pilot here, I'll have you know! Even got an airship with my name on it!
  • Cid: The name's Cid Highwind, captain of the Highwind.
  • Setzer: And a new competitor enters the race.
  • Sazh: Now, now, let's keep our passengers' safety in mind 'fore we talk about racing...
  • Vaan: Hey, Cid! Teach me how to fly, too, will ya? These guys never let me take the wheel.
  • Cid: Huh? That's 'cause they sized you up, kid.
  • Cid: If they haven't let you steer, there's a reason. All the more so with passengers on board.
  • Cid: I didn't get to where I am in a day either. Take it one step at a time and you'll reach your dreams.
  • Cid: For now, just work on aping others' techniques. Think of it as training.
  • Vaan: I guess you're right. You all were young once, too, huh?
  • Setzer: I hope that remark wasn't directed at me.
  • Cid: Alright, let's see this airship. Could be a tune up is in order.
  • Vaan: Sure thing! It's over here!

(Cid and Vaan run off)

  • Sazh: Man, now I want to take a look, too!

(Setzer and Sazh leave; Tifa joins Yuffie)

  • Tifa: We didn't even have to ask him to join us.
  • Yuffie: Good for Cid hitting it off with his new friends.
Don't Stop Dreamin':
  • Cid: Hey, Mog. You're the one who provided that airship?
  • Mog: Kupo! Do you like it, kupo?
  • Cid: Yeah, she ain't a bad boat! Got a comfortable clunk to her!
  • Cid: ...So, uh, I don't suppose she's got any rockets on her, eh?
  • Mog: K-kupo? Rockets...kupo?
  • Cloud: Not that again...

(The party catches up to Cid and Mog)

  • Cid: Argh! $#&%, yes, that again!
  • Irvine: "That" what?
  • Yuffie: Cid wants to be an astronaut. The first man in space.
  • Irvine: Ohhh, space...
  • Irvine: I guess we beat him to the punch, eh, Squall?
  • Squall: (Don't remind me...)
  • Cid: Beat me...? You kids've been to space?
  • Irvine: It just kinda happened that way.
  • Cid: Just kinda happened!? Holy $#&%, am I jealous!
  • Cid: Hey, what'd the planet look like from space!? Was there anything out there!?
  • Cid: Do you really float around weightlessly!? D-don't tell me you went out on a spacewalk!
  • Squall: (What a pain...)
  • Mog: You're as giddy as a kid, kupo!
  • Yuffie: I sure don't get it. Just thinking about going to space makes me queasy. ...Urp.
  • Cloud: Likewise. I want nothing to do with it.
  • Irvine: We've got a space station in our world.
  • Cid: A s-space station...?
  • Irvine: If you felt like it, you could probably go live there.
  • Cid: Cloud! Yuffie! I've made up my mind!
  • Cid: When we're done here, I'm going back to these guys' world! Don't try to stop me!
  • Cloud: No one's stopping you...
  • Cid: Alright, gotta get to closing those Torsions! For space!
  • Mog: Th-that's not supposed to be why we're closing them, kupo...
  • Cid: Irvine! You tell me more about it!
  • Irvine: What? Me!? Squall!
  • Squall: You reap what you sowed.
  • Yuffie: He's all yours.
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