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The ruler of the Zoldaad Empire. By the time that Rain and his companions visit his nation, Emperor Sozhe has already begun using the overwhelming power of his army to run the empire as a dictatorship, causing civil unrest in the process. Whereas the reasons behind his sudden and forceful implementation of a dictatorial regime remain a mystery, he was once known for his efficiency in ruling Zoldaad, despite its lack of natural resources.

In-game description

Sozhe is a character from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and the ruler of the Zoldaad Empire as its emperor. He serves as an antagonist for most of the Zoldaad chapter. He is also a playable unit acquired through Rare Summoning.



Sozhe is a middle-aged man with brown eyes and long white hair with a vertical braid tied behind. He wears a massive red armor adorned with several golden plates, with a black suit covering his body below the armor. His waist section also features a blueish skirt and has a white scarf in his neck. His armor has a long white cape and he wields a massive blade curved in the midsections.


Sozhe is a firm and resolute individual who takes his duties as Emperor very seriously. He wishes the best for his people and constantly fights to make sure his nation can surge and raise, but is constantly impaired by the lack of natural resources, but nonetheless is resourceful enough to manage the country with the current provisions.

A man of a deep nationalistic view, he pursues a military approach to his ruling in an attempt to, in his view, improve the country's situation. While aware that this path may likely cause pain and suffering to his people, he does not yield for he believes it will ultimately serve for their good in the end, and cares little if he is hated as a tyrant, so long as his country has a better standing in the world.

Ultimately he comes to regret his actions and realizes the path he chose was wrong.


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It is unknown when Sozhe rose to power as emperor, but during his reign he had an affair with a commoner which bore his son, Jake, as a result. In order to prevent a scandal, Sozhe had Jake and her mother distanced from him, with the truth remaining hidden from the public. He eventually conceived his second son, Crown Prince Shera, with the empress some years after.

In his governance, Sozhe struggled to keep the country working. While his efficiency in handling the few resources of the country was well known, the scarcity made his job difficult. He attempted to recruit several talented people from different places, so as to improve the country's situation. One such example included the engineer Aileen from Dilmagia, whom Sozhe wanted to hire for her technical ability in creating weapons. Aileen however politely rejected the offer, making it clear that her ability was in weapon customization, making Sozhe's request of mass-producing weapons and impossible task for her and left. While Sozhe pondered if he could exploit the Fire Crystal even further, Dr. Lazarov introduced himself as the "talent" Sozhe needed.

Using his scientific knowledge, Lazarov succeeded in improving the extraction of energy from the Fire Crystal which immediately earned Sozhe's trust in him. Sozhe then decided to pursue a much more aggressive military campaign against other nations in order to secure resources and in his words "destroy any rival". While Lazarov pondered that doing so would make Sozhe look like a tyrant in the eyes of his people, Sozhe remarked that it was of little consequence to him, so long as the nation was better. Thus Lazarov became a close adviser of Sozhe, but unfortunately for the Emperor his trust was severely misplaced as he would be tricked into the schemes of Lazarov's agenda.

Eventually Lazarov was able to brainwash Sozhe, turning him in his puppet who followed his "advice". Sozhe would then become an extremely cruel regent, imposing heavy taxes in his people and forcing many of them into the military, making Zoldaad "a living hell", all the while the country's military strength increased. This was all part of Lazarov's plan in order to wage war with other countries to secure corpses for his experiments in immortality. As the people's condition severely deteriorated, Sozhe's first son, Jake decided to lead the Raven rebel movement against his father.

Due to Sozhe planning an attack on Grandshelt, still rebuilding after an attack from the Sworn Six of Paladia, Jake allies himself with a band of foreigners – composed of Rain, Lasswell, Fina, Lid and Nichol – to halt Zoldaad's military production and to rescue Shera from the castle. During the latter attempt, they are caught and, per Sozhe's orders, tossed into the Arena. After the group defeats a Behemoth, Sozhe tries to to give them a "prize" in person, and has them thrown in jail. During the encounter, Jake notices that his father is behaving strangely.

With help from Shera's personal maid, Amelia, the rebel party escape from their cell. She also tells them that Shera, who has been aiding the rebels in secret, has also been imprisoned on charges of treason. The group rescues Shera and together decide to venture to meet Sozhe in person as Shera is suspicious that his father changed ever since Lazarov's arrival.

Sozhe, waiting at the throne, he congratulates them for making it this far, but proclaims he won't be defeat them and that they will all be killed. Shera accuses him of being a fake but Lazarov appears and says that the person they see is indeed Emperor Sozhe but "adjusted" by Lazarov. He elaborates on his plan to use Sozhe for war in order to turn the world into a testing ground for his experiments. Calling him his "most precious creation yet", Lazarov has Sozhe fight the party while he escapes.

Sozhe, although far detached from his original self, still proves a strong opponent, but the party succeeds in defeating him. While dying from his wounds, Sozhe is able to regain his sanity, regretting his actions, and blames himself for seeking too much power which is what made him easily manipulable by Lazarov in the first place. Knowing he chose the wrong path, he encourages his son, Shera, as he has a chance to choose a better path than the one he followed. Sozhe then passes his duties as emperor onto his son, before finally passing away.

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Playable character[]

Sozhe's job is listed as Emperor. A 4-6★ Rare Summon, his main roles are that of Physical Damage and Tank. He can equip a wide range of weapons (daggers, swords, greatswords, katanas, bows, hammers, spears, maces, fists) and armor (light shields, heavy shields, helms, light armor, heavy armor, robes) and accessories. Sozhe has no innate status or element resistance.

His Trust Master reward is the Emperor's Majesty – which boosts the equipped unit HP and ATK by 20% and allows it to recover MP (3%) per turn during battle. Soze's awakening materials are as follows:


Sozhe's skills arsenal focuses on decreasing enemies resistance to Fire, while inflicting Fire damage himself. He can also buff the party's resistance to Fire and their DEF/SPR. His Hell Shaft partially ignores DEF and can inflict paralysis as well to all enemies. His passive skills increase his damage against Dragon and Demon monsters by 50%, and his ATK and DEF increases purely by using a Heavy Armor.

Depending on his Rarity, Sozhe has three (4★) or four (5-6★) ability slots, and Black Magic affinity Lvl 5-7.

Traits (Magic)
Ability Rarity Level
Fira 4★ 3
Firaga 5★ 21
Traits (Special)
Ability Rarity Level
Suppression 4★ 12
DEF +20%*(Passive) 4★ 41
Fingersnap 4★ 49
Provoke 4★ 60
Sieg Zoldaad 5★ 30
Demon Killer*(Passive) 5★ 55
Dragon Killer*(Passive) 5★ 66
Defense Order 5★ 80
Zoldaad Guard*(Passive) 6★ 1
ATK +20%*(Passive) 6★ 39
HP +30%*(Passive) 6★ 78
On Fire 6★ 85
Boulder Stance 6★ 94
Hell Shaft 6★ 100

Sozhe's stats at his highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Drop Check*(Maximum burst stone drops per hit)
4★ 60 2278 (+270) 83 (+35) 88 (+14) 76 (+14) 66 (+14) 63 (+14) 4
5★ 80 2962 (+360) 108 (+40) 115 (+16) 100 (+16) 86 (+16) 83 (+16) 5
6★ 100 3851 (+510) 141 (+65) 150 (+26) 131 (+26) 112 (+26) 109 (+26) 6

Limit Bursts

Sozhe's Limit Bursts are of the damage-type. The number of hits his attack does increases with his rarity: at 4★, Imperial Raid is a 1-hit attack; at 5★, it hits three times, and at 6★, it does 7-hits.

Rarity Name Effect Cost
4★ Imperial Raid Base: Physical damage (2.3x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
Max: Physical damage (3x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
12 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
5★ Imperial Raid Base: Physical damage (2.5x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
Max: Physical damage (3.45x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
14 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png
6★ Imperial Raid Base: Physical damage (2.7x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
Max: Physical damage (3.9x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies
16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal.png


Sozhe is fought as a boss in the game in the Zoldaad Castle - Throne Room stage. With 220,000 HP he has relatively high HP for the time he is faced. He relies on physical attacks and can attack thrice per turn. He uses Fingersnap which inflicts damage and dispels buffs.



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