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Southwest Town on the world map.

Southwest Town (ゾクの町, Zoku no Machi?) is a location in The Final Fantasy Legend, the Atomic Power Plant can be found in the center of town.


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The party exits from the subway and enter the town. A citizen tells the location of Ameyoko which is to the northeast, but they are too afraid to travel there due to Su-Zaku terrorizing the overworld.

These's a gang inside the pub, and the party enters it. So-Cho sees them and says that they are no match for Su-Zaku, and wants to fight the party. They try to step outside, but Sayaka stops her brother. One of the main characters ask if they've meet before, and Sayaka confirms it, telling her brother what happened. So-Cho sees that the main characters are after Su-Zaku. One of the gang members tells the party that Su-Zaku's force field is too strong, and they're making a machine which will neutralize it. They are still missing two or three parts to complete it, and the parts can be found in Akiba, but the location of Akiba can be found at the Library which is located to the north of the Tower. The party agrees to help find the parts, and So-Cho lends them his hoverbike since it'll help them avoid Su-Zaku's attack.

After finding the ROM and Board, the party returns to South Town and meets up with So-Cho who tells the party that they need plutonium for energy. They head to the Atomic Power Plant tomorrow.

The party decides to leave without telling the gang the next morning, but they end up getting caught by them. So-Cho ask them if they're leaving them behind, and tells them that they're going with them. The party follows them through the subway.

After Machine has been destroyed inside the Atomic Power Plant, the party returns to Southwest Town. They'll find that everyone has been killed. One of the gang members in the pub will tell the main characters that Su-Zaku has taken Sayaka to the Skyscraper. The party goes after Su-Zaku.

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Name Cost
FFL Sword Icon.pngFlame 24,000 GP
FFL Sword Icon.pngIce 23,880 GP
FFL Sword Icon.pngElec 24,700 GP
CatCraw 23,200 GP
P-Sword 32,000 GP
Saw 4,000 GP
Balkan 8,000 GP
Bazooka 4,000 GP
FFL Helmet Icon.pngArmy 6,000 GP
FFL Armor Icon.pngSuit 18,000 GP
Staff 5,000 GP


Name Cost
Strong 300 GP
Agility 300 GP
HP400 1,000 GP
HP600 5,000 GP
XPotion 200 GP
Shocker 100 GP
Eyedrop 500 GP
Needle 500 GP
Elixir 10,000 GP
Heart 10,000 GP