Location of Southern Tropical Outfits.

Provides a southern, tropical feel.


Southern Tropical Outfits (南国, Nankoku?) are special equipment in Final Fantasy IX that are notably the worst equipment available, reducing the wearer's Defense, Evade, Magic Def, and Magic Eva to zero and making the wearer weak to elements. The full set of outfits includes the Aloha T-shirt, Straw Hat, Pearl Armlet, and Sandals. Equipping the gear does not show any difference in the characters' outfits during battle; the "tropical" nature is present only in the gear's name.

Once the player has a deep blue or golden Choco, they can examine the spot of foaming water directly between Mist Continent and Outer Continent on the world map by using a Dead Pepper. The treasure will be x7 Aloha T-shirt, x8 Straw Hat, x8 Pearl Armlet, and x8 Sandals, one set for each of the eight party members. To get the last Aloha T-shirt the player must give a Kupo Nut to Moguta in Gizamaluke's Grotto on disc four.

The equipment works mostly as an in-joke, but the gear can be sold for decent money in the shops. Much of Final Fantasy IX was developed at the now-defunct Square USA branch in Honolulu, and thus is sprinkled with references to Hawaii.

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